Thursday, 24 June 2010


Hey guys,

The mini eating out marathon is now over for the week. Yesterday, I finished work early and then rushed off to the doctors for my travel appointment. After a chat about the options available, and being told that apparently all of my vaccination records since birth have disappeared, I got jabbed once in each arm, with a promise of more to come next week. Oh, what a lucky little girl I am!!!

I got the combi-shot for tetanus, diphtheria and polio in one arm, and Hep A in the other. Both are now sore. I also need typhoid, because of our exposure to potentially contaminated water (mostly due to our intention to surf whilst we're away). And I have to get anti-malarials (joy). Also, as of yesterday, Costa Rica has issued a travel warning that dengue fever has broken out, for which there is no vaccination or specific treatment. Extra joy!

I was due to have dinner with Jo after the needle trauma was over (she had to appt immediately before mine to get jabbed), and I had it all planned out that we would go to Ask and I could eat healthy pasta sitting in their courtyard garden.

Instead, Lissa decided that she wanted to come for dinner too, but didn't want to drive all the way over to Malvern where we were, so it was all change on the plans. We ended up going to a very nice pub with a garden, but I was a bit dismayed to see that their menu was not only quite small, but almost entirely consisted of the words cream and chips. Arrrrrgh!!!!

After a bit of indecisiveness, I ordered a starter of prawns, salad and tomato mayonnaise with, a slice of homemade bread and butter (thankfully, spread thinly) and a small side of their chips, which are at least thick cut and not particularly greasy. I ended up about 4 points over for the day, but that's no catastrophe.

The best bit? My aim for the last two days was to come out with the scales a bit lower than I went in. Achieved? Yep. A little bit back down.

Today's goal was simply to finish the week on track. I wanted to stick to my points for the day, and go for a run this evening to a) stretch my legs, and b) bank a couple of activity points. So far, today is turning into a bit of a trial. Grrrrrr.

I went to get breakfast this morning, only to find we had no milk, no bread, no eggs and no fruit juice. So all breakfast options were out. I stopped to grab a skinny muffin and a small fruit salad on the way to work instead. Then my plan for a healthy lunch out in the sun was scuppered by being told that we had a compulsory lunch to celebrate a colleague's 10 years with work. Not too bad - 3/4 of a sandwich, a couple of breaded chicken fingers and a mini-sausage roll. Feeling full, but a baby flapjack sneaked in. I've got a couple of points left for dinner now (salad or soup then), so not a total disaster, just not exactly what I'd planned. I'm still able to meet my goals for the day though, so I'm happy.

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