Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Forecast - generally fine with slight hiccups

As the title suggests things seem to be going a bit more smoothly on the eating front of late. I negotiated last week's eating-out-fest fairly well, including an unexpected Indian meal on Friday night and lunch out on Saturday, and the scales were slowly trickling downwards.

I'd done a couple of good runs, and on Saturday I was so restless in the evening, that despite having traipsed round town for several hours during the day, I took myself off up the hills for a walk while the sun set.

The hiccup came on Sunday, when I got together with friends to watch the football, followed by a BBQ.

Yes, the dreaded BBQs again.

I baked on Saturday, because I knew I could safely take the result to the BBQ and get the majority of it eaten by other people. A guilty pleasure indeed. The result was my first attempt at any kind of pie or pastry, and I have to say, I was really pleased!

See how pretty my pecan pie was:

However, we ate so much at the BBQ it was physically painful afterwards. Ouch. Interestingly though, because I'd eaten very little earlier in the day, and because although we ate a lot, not much apart from the pie was truly bad, I wasn't nearly as over on points as I'd thought I'd be. More that I'd grazed my way through a lot of lean, grilled meat, salad, couscous and some potatoes. Even though I ate past where I was comfortable, I still retained some sense and turned down things I didn't need and made some conscious choices in terms of what I ate - things like knowing I wanted a mango chicken skewer because it would be tastier and lower points so not having a beef-burger, and not having any bread.

Monday, I picked up where I left off pre-BBQ and went straight back on the good eating. I've made it super easy for myself this week - I went shopping last night and stocked the fridge and cupboards with everything that's low-point, healthy, quick or pre-prepared. A bit cheaty, but useful.

So I've got a couple of ready meals and soups, lots of ready-cut, ready to steam veg, cold lean meats or fish, and fruit. No excuses.

Last night I was meant to be having a first lesson at playing squash with Jon. Cue work going shittily manic and me not getting to leave the office til gone 7 and therefore missing our booking for the court. We ended up with Jon cooking me dinner instead and me falling asleep on the sofa while watching Shrek.

I allowed the crappiness of the day to get to me yesterday and ate a bit out of stress - not ideal as then I was annoyed as I was over on my points too. By contrast my friend Jo went on a bootcamp over the weekend and lost 7lbs!!!!! I'm incredibly proud of how much hard work she must have put into that but at the same time frustrated that I don't seem to be able to do the same.

Tomorrow I have my first counselling session. Eeeeek! I'm suddenly nervous that I won't know what to talk about when I get there. I guess there should be plenty though, given that I found myself tearful and emotional on Monday whilst watching Letters to Juliet at the cinema, and talking to Bec afterwards - just watching a chick flick should not be making me so depressed about my own life!

Anyway - back to taking things one day at a time for me, since that got me through last week so well (spot that Sunday and the BBQ was the one day I didn't make a plan for last week). Aims are to eat on points for my food and get some exercise tonight. Maybe a run. I also want to try and find some of the menus for places I know I'll be eating on this weekend's hen party. Planning is key for me.

Finally: I promised some pictures of all the dresses I bought at Bicester Village. Well, here they are!

This one will hopefully be for Rob and Caz's 30th bash in a couple of weeks - a black-tie affair in Loughborough:

A steal from on eBay - original Coast price £195, and I picked it up for £30. It's a size 14 and still pretty tight around the bust, but I couldn't do it up at all initially, so that's cool.

This one's for Katherine's wedding in 3 weeks:

Another great bargain - £70 reduced from £150. I love the bright acid yellow-green colour of the top, and the detailing of the band under the bust (it's all beaded), but I'm a bit worried that it seems to be a bit loose around the bust and the ribs already - might have to wear with a really padded bra! I tried on the 14 in the shop and it was sodding tight so I went for the 16, but that might have been an error.

If all else fails and it's too big, then I'll be wearing this one instead:

I luuuuurve this dress!! This is also my option for the Cartier Polo at the end of July. Another Coast size 14, but this one fits nicely already. Super bargainous: £45 reduced from £160.

And finally, for playtime:

This little number from French Connection - and half price too. This dress makes me feel properly skinny, so it's my friend. I wore it out in London a couple weekends ago, and got lots of compliments, so I'm thinking it's going to the hen weekend with me - nothing like feeling pretty to boost a girl's confidence!

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Zanna said...

Oh I just love the full length coffee coloured dress - you look absolutely gorgeous in it - tres elegant et plus sexy! And I can see why you like the last one - you look just fab in it. Good luck with the counselling - I think it will be easier for you than you think - cousellors are trained especially to help you open up and unburden. Zxx

Linz M said...

The dresses are lovely! Looking good girl :)

Good luck with the counselling, I am sure it will be ok xx

Peridot said...

Love the dark green one (is it dark green? Bit tricky to see) - the second one from Coast. You look great.


Michelle said...

I love all of them but especially the last one.

Lorr74 said...

Dresses look fab, loving the maxi! Good luck with the meeting tomo, just relax & go with it. xx