Monday, 21 June 2010

Game on!

I am hearby branding this weekend a success. I ran when I said I would, and this morning's scales were down on Friday's, so I hit all my targets. I had a bit of a sweet tooth last night, but nothing that a run this evening won't cure. I'm on track for a good day of eating today too.

Now for the challenging bit - I've got invites for dinner over the next 2 nights. I'm going to try and check the menus out beforehand and decide what to have so I can plan my points. I prob won't have any time for exercise over the next couple of days, so I shall content myself with goals of planning my food and a catch-up run on Thursday (and tonight's run of course). If I can get the scales down another tiny little bit I'll be well-pleased!!

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2 comments: said...

Well done for getting back on track!!!

Nona said...

Glad you are on track and feeling good!!!

Hope you have a fun time at your dinner engagements. Stick to your goals.