Thursday, 10 December 2009

Aaaah - freak out!

So the ever sensible Trio suggested yesterday that if I'm worried about being last in the race, I should just check out the finish times from the last race and see what the standard was.

Good suggestion, done that and now I'm reassu.... oh no, hang on - not in the slightest bit reassured!!!!! Big panic. There were only 16 people in the short race in the last event in November - and the slowest time was a shade over 40mins - which incidentally the same as the OPTIMISTIC time I put down on my entry form.

Shit - I'm totally screwed. I guess the only thing to do is keep training and if it looks like I'm still going to be massively slower with a week to go, I can always pull out to avoid total humiliation. Groan - why do I never make things easy for myself??

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trio said...

But remember you won't be last on the course as there will be lots of people doing the longer routes.

Also I think you can do 40mins. You did 4k in 30mins the other day so another km in 10mins is fine. You will be faster in the race as well!

kate said...

yeh, wot trio says! there will be loads of folks doing laps. it's your first race, don't worry about times, just go for running it all and enjoying it