Friday, 18 December 2009

Shuffling forward

Well the scales have finally moved a little bit again. Not far, another lb gone, taking me to 12st 8.5lbs. A new low for me. Just.

16.5lbs to go til goal. 2.5lbs to go before I get to 4st gone. Another day to try and get it right. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.

I've got another weekend at home - excellent because I'm too damn tired to do anything else at the moment!!! Which doesn't mean I don't have loads of stuff that needs doing this weekend, so there's still plenty of running round to do.

Yesterday we booked the chalet for our ski trip in January - muchly exciting as it's a super-luxury pad with ski-in access, sauna and hot-tub on the deck and full-time chalet bitch / ski guide to cater to our every need. It also has more bedrooms than you can shake a stick at so I'll actually get a room to myself instead of having to share - heaven!!! We've just got to book our flights and transfers now, as the chalet company will do the rest of our holiday planning for us!!! 4 weeks tomorrow we jet off to Geneva - yay!!!

I've also just found out that I should now definitely have New Year off work so I can now set about some hasty celebration planning for that weekend - whoop :-)

Right - well I was going to run this afternoon, but it's so cold out we keep getting snow flurries, and I don't have kit to deal with that kind of cold, so I'm thinking of substituting for a walk on the hills instead - def want to get some kind of fresh air today.


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