Monday, 14 December 2009

Musings from my messy room

Nothing to do with weight loss at all this - just something random.

As I was sat on my bed this morning drying my hair and putting on moisturiser, I was looking round my room. It's an absolute bombsite at the moment (as per usual) but I was struck by the fact that it looks like it belongs to somebody with a split personality! Imagine if a girly-girl ran head first into a tom-boy - my room kind of looks like the fall-out from that explosion.

Next to the huge unmade bed ( don't know what I do when I sleep, but the duvet and pillows look like I've wrestled then for 7 hours by the morning) is my bedside table which has a delicate glass lamp, and a sprawling pile of one-off silver jewellery tangled with necklaces bought back from abroad - coral from Croatia and turquoise from Egypt. Mixed in with the mess is a headtorch and my runners water bottle. On the floor by the table is my Lonely Planet career break guide, a load of remote controls, the hairdryer and various miscellaneous shopping bags.

The chest of drawers looks like a triathlete went past shedding stuff - swimming goggles, spare inner tubes for my mountain bike and a heart rate monitor litter the top, along with a rainbow of nail-polish bottles, moisturiser pots, boxes of contact lenses and the Wii remotes.

Next to that is the laundry basket which is towering at an impressive 4 or 5 ft in height at the moment. A quick glance reveals bikinis, board shorts, rash vest, girly maxi dresses, gym kit, bright printed t-shirts and sequin- encrusted going out tops with the latest shoulder pads. On the floor is a pile of sweaty running kit from yesterday morning - gross but I was in a huge rush when I got back from my run yesterday morning - don't judge me!!

On the other chest of drawers is a huge spray of silk flowers in a vase, 3 straw hats (one cowboy, one trilby and one panama) and a pile of car brochures for Mazda MX5's, BMW 1 series and Z4, and Audi A3's, my passport, and a pile of miscellaneous currencies - Euros, Swedish and Norwegian Kroner, and more.

The contents of the wardrobe sprawl out through the doors - crates of handbags, piles of fabulous high heels dotted with my Scarpa's, running trainers and cleated shoes for the bike. A big pile of ski gear is currently in front of the wardrobe, with my windsurfing harness left on top - still not back in the drybag in the back of the wardrobe with my wetsuit and other bits. My Camelbak hangs on the wardrobe next to a pretty graphic print short dress.

I don't think I quite know who I want to be when I grow up!!! Outdoor cool girl or city chic extroafinaire?

And yes, I am horribly untidy - always have been and suspect I always will be! Lol.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

If you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, just do what I did: never grow up.

trio said...

How cool you can be both!

kate said...

sounds good to me. as long as you don't get confused and go clubbing in your wet suit-i believe that is a whole other hobby ;)