Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Plan, plan, plan

I am the planning QUEEN today!! Yes, I am!

And the reason for this military-like co-ordination? My spinning class's Christmas dinner this evening. It's a 3 course spectacular at a gorgeous local restaurant, and I'm scrambling to find that perfect balance between enjoying the meal I'm paying for and an evening with friends, and not cocking up my week for weight loss.

So how's this plan working? Well, I already know what I'm eating as I had to make my menu selections last week. I looked down the menu and made the healthiest choices I could - avoiding cream and opting low fat where possible. I've already worked out, to the best of my ability how many points that accounts for (the number eeeeek springs to mind!), and I've given myself a drinks allowance for the evening which allows for my free Winter Pimms when we arrive and a couple of glasses of wine at the table if we're sharing bottles.

I'm also implementing a few simple rules. Leave any bread and butter that come with the soup starter. Leave any snacky bits like the "apple crisps" that will be on the side of my dessert - they're bound to be highly calorie laden. No more than 2 roast potatoes with my main, and load up with free veggies / salad. Leave something on the plate at each course. Don't touch the nibbly bits before dinner and just one chocolate with the after dinner coffees. I think that covers it off.

I've allowed for wine with dinner but if it's not being shared at the table I'll save points and go for a different drink. And finally, I'm going for a run straight after work to get some activity in.

Planning Central!!! I've also planned the rest of my day's food to keep it light, with lots of fruit and I've foregone my usual morning hot chocolate (skinny of course). I'll still be over points at the end of that day, since the meal alone comes to 27 points -but it won't be anywhere near as catastrophic as it could have been, and I'll make further savings if I can.

Food yesterday was good and I did my quick run after spin, so feeling fairly happy with that.

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kate said...

may the force be with you!

Linz M said...

I need to take a leaf out of your book!

Have a fab time :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

It's amazing how just a little planning (or a helluva lot of planning in your case), can help you navigate the slippery slopes.

Good luck!