Monday, 21 December 2009

Gotta keep moving!

So another weekend's been and gone. I finished Saturday being fine for food but then spoilt it a bit yesterday by going out for dinner and having sticky toffee pudding for dessert - this is what happens when you accept late invitations for Xmas dinners you hadn't planned for and then take your eye off the ball. At least I'm starting to think more about hungry I am though, as I didn't automatically devour everything on my plate for my main course.

As I lay in bed yesterday morning thinking about getting up I was busy talking myself into going for the run that I chickened out of on Sat because if the cold. And you know what I saw when I got up and opened the damn curtains - frigging shining bright mirror ice all over the road and pavements outside. The cars and pedestrians looked like Bambi on ice out there, so no WAY was I going to be running on it. Hell, you couldn't even walk properly on it, and it just didn't melt either. Damn - foiled again! I did get a little bit of exercise helping Sheena move some of her stuff in, carrying it up the steep drive from the road (no cars could get up our drive at all) and then up two flights of stairs to the flat. Other than that and going to see my Dad, I stayed firmly indoors in the warm!

Today we've had our dept's Xmas quiz and lunch. I'm on our social committee so this is something I've been planning for the last couple of weeks, so I was quite nervous all morning that everything should go well. We had a buffet lunch but I just kept an eye on what I ate, and tonight I'm going for a short yoga class and then a bootcamp class with Bridget after work, so that'll be a good chance to work up a sweat!

I think exercise is going to be a bit hit and miss between now and the New Year as after tonight all my regular classes are cancelled and the weather's certainly making running difficult! My plan is to get my exercise where I can: walk to the pub for for Xmas drinks, walk on the hills and the common, especially if we get lots of lovely snow - hell if we get that much snow play with the sledges and burn some calories laughing myself silly and running back up the hill, go running from Dad's house over Xmas if the roads / paths clear enough and use the Wii fitness software that I bought. I don't want to just sit in and veg, because I'll feel gross if I do. Gotta keep moving!!! I feel I can move the scales downward a little bit more yet this year!

Ooooh - do you think we might even have a White Christmas this year?? How exciting!!

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