Thursday, 3 December 2009

Plodding along

I'm being boring at the moment with my eating, but in a good way. I knocked out another good day of food yesterday and I'm on track for another one today. Having said that I don't expect to see a loss at the scales tomorrow because I don't think my body has quite forgiven me for last week yet. We'll see.

I was in a bit of a mad rush last night after work as I had a date. I knew I couldn't go to Combat because of the date, and that I wouldn't have a lot of tine after work as I also had to swing by the retail park and grab a new cardi as I managed to leave mine in London at the weekend. So it was very tempting to say sod it, I won't do anything in the way of exercise, but I got home, stuck my running gear straight on and plodded out the door in search of a sweat. It wasn't as windy as last week but it was flipping freezing out, as I soon realised when I could see my breath huffing out as I walked down the drive. I ran just a little further and a few more hills than last week, and it was just shy of 4k in 28 minutes, which I'm sure is an inprovement over the last time I ran that loop.

I had a quick dinner when I got back, and for the first time in as long as I can remember I voluntarily didn't finish my whole plate - too much jacket potato so I just left about half of it.

The date wasn't amazing to be honest, but I'm proud of my eating and exercise for the evening so not a complete loss of a night. (just to clarify - the date wasn't BAD either, he just wasn't really my type, and I don't think I was really his either). Went home afterwards and went round to the boys' to discuss ski holiday planning stuff (so excited!!!)

Body Balance class tonight and need to do a bit of tidying before the weekend as Sheena (my lovely new flatmate) and I are going to be redecorating the spare room. Oooooh - I do live the high life don't I??? ;-)

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