Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Slight miscalculation

So here's a truth for you: eat haute cuisine and you'll surely lose weight because the sodding portions are so small!!!

One thing I forgot to take into acount with my points yesterday was portion size. I naturally assumed that everything would be standard restaurant portions, aka bigger than average. In fact, the portions were downright skinny albeit delicious. Another error in my calculations was assuming there would be veggies with the main course even though they weren't specifically mentioned ... there weren't. Overall, I reckon I still came out where I expected to be on points - dessert was way smaller as was the meat portion but I scarfed a few small slice of bread and butter in lieu.

I did my run before I went to dinner, and it was pretty cold and wet. My running itself felt fairly steady and not too laboured, but I'm still ridiculously slow. I clocked 4.2km in just under 32 mins - def need to speed up for this race.

I have a big fear that I'm going to be last by a long way in the race. And because it's a race I feel the added pressure that I can't walk if I get tired. I know that really I have to set realistic goals - I'll be happy if I can just run the whole thing, uphill first half included, at a steady pace, and if I come last then that's fine. Afterall, someone has to come last at these things. I just don't want to embarrass myself and relive a repeat of my school athletics nightmares. The 1500m races always used to kill me, and the same with cross country. I could play stop-and-start sprint sports like hockey and netball easily enough, and indeed played hockey on the school team on my own time, but I was always a weak distance runner. Ah well - it's certainly giving me the motivation to get my runs in!!

On a different note, I've just booked myself a private ski lesson on a local indoor slope for just after Xmas. I want to hit the slopes running (well, skiing obviously) in Jan and a refresher session will be just what I need! Better start doing some squats to condition my legs soon!!

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trio said...

Have a look at last years results! I have never come last running and I have always been slow! As it is so accessible there is always some nice slow people at the back. You are very unlikely to be last, or if you are you will have company!

p.s. I always look at results before I enter then I know what to expect!