Thursday, 10 December 2009

Would you like some veg with your oil?

Which is the unfortunate scenario that occurred last night, when I went round to Bec's house for tea. We'd wandered around the supermarket looking for healthy stuff (me for my diet, her because she's waiting to hear results from tests to see if she has Coeliac disease), and picked up ultra lean steak and loads of root veg to roast.

Back at Bec's all the veg was chopped and ready to go in the roasting tin. She drizzled a load of oil in the bottom of the tray, and I was thinking "wow, I've not been using that much recently". Then the veg went in. Then she picked the oil up again, and proceeded to slug it over the veg like it was going out of fashion. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

"Stop!! No, that's enough now!! That's plenty! Whoa Bec, you're going to drown them!!"

"They'll taste nice."

"They don't need that much though!"

"Well, our oven's a bit hot, and they won't burn this way".

"Well, just turn them down and cook them a but slower then."

"But I'm hungry!!"

"Do you know how many points are in all that oil though?"

"There's points in oil??"

"Errrr, yes."

"Oh. Oooops. Sorreeeeeee."

And thus, the healthiness of my dinner kind of went out the window. In Bec's defence, she genuinely seemed not to realise that olive oil can be bad for you, or too much anyway. To be honest, I realised how much I prefer my spritzed with olive oil veg, which is how I cook - our veg last night didn't really go crispy, the aubergine soaked up all the oil and kind of went downright slimy (well, tasted like that for me anyway), and I just felt all I could taste was olive oil.

I think I like it better without in future please!

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Linz M said...

Its amazing how oily things can taste when you've cut back on it. I rarely use oil these days and whenever I have it, food just tastes horrible!

Don't stress too much about the race either, just keep training. And like you say, you can always change your mind at the last minute if you want to - but I reckon you'll be totally fine!