Monday, 14 December 2009

Weekend report

Phew - it's been a busy, busy weekend!

Before I start on that I'm going to backtrack slightly to last week and something that happened on Wednesday night. That was the night, if you'd be so kind as to cast your minds back into the depths of last week, that I went for dinner at Bec's and we had the roast veg with oil, oil and oil incident. Something else happened though that I forgot to mention, or more accurately just blocked from my mind. I committed the dieter's cardinal sin of sneaking food. Seriously -why the hell would I do that??? Am I the only one who STILL does this from time to time?? Such a stupid behaviour.

I did it because I was straight out hungry, and Bec was still busy washing up before putting dinner on. Because I was hungry I nicked two triangles of Toblerone from the big bar that was open in the living room. Not so bad in the scale of things I guess, but why did I sneak the food when I could have just said to Bec "I'm starving, is there anything I could have while dinner's cooking?". I evidently still have issues with food. I don't know if it's because I still feel paranoid about being judged around food sometimes. The old "look at the fat girl eating that Mars Bar" style paranoia, where I think people will judge me for what I eat and my appetite. I don't know - but it's frustrating none the less.

Fast forward to Friday and weigh in day. I've got a confession - I did something a bit weird with weigh in this week. Normally I just take whatever weight I get on the scales on a Friday morning, but having been moving steadily downwards all week, it jumped back up by 2lbs for some reason on the morning. So I left it a couple of days over the weekend to see if it was going to settle up or down. It settled down so I took the lower weight, which means I lost 1.5lb this week and I'm back to my lowest. And my reason for doing that? I was so bloody grumpy after the gains of the last 2 weeks (which were admittedly well deserved) that I didn't want to depress myself by posting a 3rd consecutive gain if it wasn't a true gain. A little bit cheaty maybe but it's TOTM again so I'm fluctuating.

The weekend was pretty good for me. I bombed off to Birmingham with Bridget after work on Friday afternoon. Did a bit of Xmas shopping, bought a lovely new ski jacket and some work clothes and then had dinner out. We ate at Wagamama's and despite major cravings for cheesecake for dessert, I decided I was just comfortably full and left it there. Nice. We then went to see Paramore at the NIA, who were absolutely fabulous live and finally stumbled back tired to the car and home. I also plucked up the courage to tell Bridget that I wasn't going to New Year at hers and got myself off that hook. It was an uncomfortable 10 mins of explaining and apologising, but it's done now.

Saturday I had a bit of a lie-in and a lazy morning in my pyjamas til lunchtime, then had a walk into town. After a bit of fresh air, I set to baking and made my mum's recipe Christmas Swedish biscuits - nearly got the recipe right - second batch tonight to bring to work. Just watched some tv in the evening with Sid and fell asleep on his sofa and an early night.

Sunday morning Sid dragged me out at 9am for a run, and 47 mins later he'd pretty much broken me!!! We did my longest run to date at 6.3km - obviously I had a couple of quick walking breaks, not least because of the big hill up for the first 12 mins, but I'm pretty pleased with that. I might use the weekends to do a longer run in future and just run as far as I can and then walk to recover.

I had a mad scramble when I got back to have a shower and get to the DIY store for wallpapering goodies and then back home for 11 - just about made it as my Dad turned up at the flat. We spent the rest of the day, through til half 9 last night, decorating the back room. Just managed to finish the papering with Sid's help, so I've got to tidy the edges and sort paint out tonight.

Foodwise the weekend was good - I'm on track with my points, so that's great. This week's going to be pretty manic as we race to get the bedroom finished and Sheena moved in, and I've got tons of tidying and other stuff that I want to do. Not quite sure how much exercise is going to get done, but we'll see!

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Linz M said...

I still do the sneaking food thing sometimes, or actually, I just deny that I've eaten anything. I'll say I'm starving to Matt because all I've had all day is soup - when I am blatantly lying to myself and trying to justify why I want to eat dinner now. Why not just say I am hungry? Why do I feel the need to justify my hunger? I think its the same thing - the fear of being judged. Anyway, I am off on one there :)

Good work with the run, I so wish it was something I could do. Maybe when I lose a few more stones.

Good luck with fitting in some exercise this week!