Friday, 11 February 2011

0.5 lb

Best half a lb ever!

I weighed in this morning. Now I must admit, that I'm at Dad's house so these are his scales not mine, and although they are exactly the same make and model as mine, and were in fact bought on the same day from the same shop, it is possible there's a slight variance between them and mine. Also, I'm having a day off work, so I'm weighing in a little later than usual.

But screw that - because that half a lb lost this week means I officially hit a new lowest weight to date!!!! It breaks me out of that endless cycle I've been stuck in for so long and gives me something to fight for next week :-) So entirely accurate or not - I'm taking it!

I'm especially happy with that considering the sheer volume of eating out that happened last week.

One thing I have struggled with still, is not wanting to waste food and chuck it out. I'm feeling much better about making choices to balance my diet, so eating a really light tea because I've had lunch out, kind of thing. But I absolutely hate wasting food that's in the fridge because it will go off if u don't eat it.

I left work later than I meant to yesterday, which was a nightmare a I had to get home and pack for the evening and then I was supposed to be getting Bec's birthday present from John Lewis on the way back to Malvern. I needed a really quick dinner and it was a choice of either doing mushrooms on toast quickly or grabbing the leftover pizza - I chose the pizza as it would have gone of over the weekend otherwise. Fine - since I had enough points to cover it. Not so fine, that I then grabbed the last muffin from last weekend too. You know what? It didn't even taste that fresh anymore - I totally should have just binned it. Must learn!!!

I'm off for a weekend in Wales with friends for Bec's birthday this evening. I'm really looking forward to it, but also really want to make it a great weekend on the eating / exercising front too, so I must remember to keep tracking and not go crazy. Might be a bit of a challenge as apparently there's no mobile phone reception up at the cottage so I'm not sure my Weightwatchers app will work - fingers crossed! I'll have to go old-school and track on paper or something otherwise!

Have a great weekend people!

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Hetty said...

Whoo hooooooo! All new territory!

Linz M said...

Excellent news - you rock :)

Have a fab weekend, I am sure you will make it a good one on the WW front too :)


Seren said...

Congratulations on reaching an all time low!! (that sounds a bit odd...but you know what I mean!)

Wasting food - I'm the same, but I've got better, because I'm training myself to understand that eating something that you don't really want or need is as much of a waste as sticking it in the bin. Sort of.

Have a fab weekend!!


Peridot said...

That's fantastic news - go you!


skinny latte said...

Fab work!! You rock!!

I used to be the same with wasting food. You learn a few tricks over the years - 1) only buy/make what you need and 2) freeze leftovers ASAP so they will keep longer. Cake, muffins, those all freeze very well.

Like you say when it's been in the fridge for ages it doesn't even taste nice any more so you might as well chuck it out - your body is not a garbage bin :)

Enjoy your weekend!! x

claire said...

Well done! I love it when that happens. It happened to me this week too. A new low! I want to keep seeing new lows every week now if I can!

The throwing food away thing is hard, but learning to do it was so liberating. I started thinking: it won't do me any good to eat and it cost 50p, or £1, or whatever. Would I pay £1 to lose 1lb this week? What would I gain from eating it?

Anyway - well done!

Florrie said...

just think this: wasted food is wasted food, whether you're scraping it into the bin, or forcing it into a body that doesn't need it.
The first will not harm you or your weight loss, the second will.
If you still feel bad about it, think what you can do to change it. Start cooking smaller portions of food, and if there's still some left-over see if can be incorporated into your next meal, or frozen and saved for a later date.If it's things like fresh fruit and veg that you don't want to go off, try making it into soups or sauces that can be frozen and used later.
If you don;t have a lot of freezer space, put the leftovers out for the birds to eat! they'll appreciate it : )