Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hey kids,

I come here this evening in the spirit of the confessional.  Forgive me readers, because diet-wise, I have sinned. 

Today was always going to be a little testing as I've been out with clients all day, which meant eating a buffet lunch and no chance to exercise, and then I met a friend who lives in the Oxford area for dinner, since I was over that way.

Actually - the day - not so bad.  Sensible breakfast, thoughtful snack and drink for the journey, and I held it together at lunch - a small plate, realistic portions and no going back for seconds.  No snacks other than fruit - not too shabby at all.  Dinner however, wasn't as great.  I was defeated by being taken to a wonderful Thai place, and although I resisted the deliciousness of Thai curry, aside from a  spoonful of Kate's to taste, we did have a mixed starter platter and coconut rice.  Delicious, and a rare treat (I hardly ever get Thai food), but I know I could have stopped earlier than I did, on the rice at the very least.

On the upside, I did resist any suggestions of pudding and also further sweet snacks (any snacks in fact) for the drive home - I knew I was full and that was enough.

I don't forsee a great weigh in tomorrow.

But Claire had a very good point on her comment on yesterday's post - these last two weeks when I've gained, I have been flying very close to the wire on my weekly points allowances (and in fact, I know that this evening's meal will have taken me just over this weeks points), because I've been using all my activity points as well as my allowances.  Even allowing for me trying to be realistic with my food pointing and prudent with my activity points, I have to allow that I may be the wrong side of my allowance by more than I suspect - it's entirely possible. 

I'm also growing a little suspicious of my portion sizes too;  I eat a hell of a lot of vegetables and fruit .... which is all very well and good, but even if it's healthy and "free" on Weightwatchers, I should still be considering my appetite and how much food I actually need, rather than how much I can cram on my plate for the points.  I'm pretty damn sure that I'm eating more volume-wise than I was a couple of weeks ago when I was consistently losing.

So - this week I will most likely show a gain of another lb or 2 tomorrow.  Suck it up, Sue.  I have very little planned this weekend;  I have a work dinner out tomorrow night, but I've pre-ordered my choice of a vegetarian pasta dish in tomato sauce.  We have two free drinks via our meal deal, but I might not bother and just stick to soft drinks.  Even if I use most of my flex up tomorrow, I have a clear weekend to stay in points, and it's usually the weekend free-for-alls that set the week up for failure.  Less drinking, more thought and a little bit of movement. 

I might not lose tomorrow, but I reckon I can get a good loss next week.

More anon, Fellow Battlers of Food!

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Seren said...

It's interesting what you say about the fruit and veg, because this was the topic of discussion at the meetings this week. And we were reminded that fruit and veg are not "free" but "zero point". I.e. they may not have any points, but if you eat them with total abandon they are going to have an effect on your weight loss. Stands to reason I suppose.

The other thing, that I'm really beginning to appreciate, is that often you need a lot less food than you think you do. The pasta portion is always the classic for me - 60g of pasta weighed out always looks so pathetic but it is a perfectly satisfying amount to eat. It's hard - if I've dished something out and counted it then I feel that I HAVE to eat it all, but actually, if I'm full halfway through then regardless of whether or not it's counted I should just bloody stop!

Anyway, hope your encounter with the scales this morning was ok, and good luck for the week ahead - gains are only a problem if you don't know where you have gone wrong, and it sounds to me like you have that covered.