Friday, 4 February 2011

What makes the difference?

I was thinking this afternoon about my earlier post (and may I just point out: 2 in one day, aren’t you lucky, boys and girls?) and what it is that really makes the difference between winning and losing at this weight loss malarkey.  Or, in fact, anything in life.

And what it comes down to is this:  How much do you want it?

When you really want it, you care, and I mean really care about whether or not it happens.  And when you care, nothing is too much trouble in the pursuit of your goal.  You make it work.  Whatever happens – you just suck it up and make it work.  And if you can’t make it work right then, then you make it up as soon as you can.

You never fail, because failing is when you stop trying.

And when you’re hearts not in it, then every-bloody-thing is too much trouble.  You don’t really care when one little thing goes wrong, and when you stop caring about the little things, it’s the time that that big things spiral out of control.  Because let’s face it, all the big things are simply made up of the smaller things – lots and lots of little things.

So when spinning didn’t work this morning, I did weights.  And oh my God, did that hurt on my already sore legs.  But it was what was available.  And I walked back home afterwards to get my extra layers, because amongst other things I knew the extra walking would clock a few more activity points.  On mornings when I hit the gym before work, I have a second breakfast at work, as my normal breakfast is lighter and earlier.  Since I didn’t spin today, I just toned my second breakfast down.  I ate my fruit salad mid-morning and resolutely dodged the birthday cakes in the office.  And all those little things are what are going to get the scales going back my way again in the shortest time, and make this thing work for me.

I’m currently sitting pretty at my lowest weight, and I want something lower, and I want it soon.  I want the steady losses I’ve been seeing.  The gentle downward creep of the scales.

As it was pointed out to me earlier, I could be more organised, and it helps me when I am prepared.  I managed to get my lunch packed today, but messed up my gym kit.  In recent weeks, I’ve found myself more organised than I think I’ve pretty much ever been before.  Gym kits packed the night before, sandwiches prepped the night before and in the fridge.  Meals planned, hell, even my workouts planned. 

But I do want this. 

Want to see someone else who really wants this … then step this way and congratulate Hetty who’s just lost her first stone – yay!!!! Congrats Hetty – nice work :o)


Victoria said...

Right on the button. That's been my thoughts all week when I have wanted to give up - How much do I want it and by god I want it.

Keep going chick, we can do this xx

Love Cat said...

Brilliant post. I really like it. Great attitude - one to learrn from.

Hetty said...

Aww how lovely of you, thanks! I have been battling the temptation to ease my hangover with lardy food this morning but seeing your post has given me a boost of motivation. :) x