Monday, 28 February 2011

A Weekend Well Spent

It never ceases to amaze me what a weekend on track can do to the scales on a Monday morning.  It should be the basis of encouraging me to get on with it and stick to the plan for, well I would say the rest of the week, but really indefinitely til I get where I want to be. 

Oddly, after all that stretching in Body Balance  yesterday, I actually feel a little tight and stiff today, but I hadn't got any plans to work out so I shall call it a rest day and let it be.

My dinners are already planned for the rest of the week, and with an element of organisation seeming to kick back in, I made my lunch last night, and remembered how much easier that makes everything in the mornings.  So I'm going to make the effort to make my lunches, and clean and pack my gym kit the night before for the rest of the week to keep things simple.

I'm off again for a long weekend in Wales from Friday, and shall be heading back up to Malvern on Thursday night, so rather than attempt a dodgy weigh-in on my Dad's scales Friday morning, I shall vote for an early weigh-in at mine on Thursday this week.  Then I need to some hard-core thinking about how I'm going to strategise the weekend, so I get a little of what I fancy without completely cancelling out this week's good work.  I've bimbled around a little bit this past couple of weeks, and although I'm still in the ball-park of my lowest weight (especially as at this morning), I'd like to crack on through that and take another small step forward now.  Psychologically, even setting a new low by half a lb would be great, as it's all still new ground.

So onwards, troops, onwards!  I've got a plan for the week - eat clean, try to stay away from using the activity points, but at any rate, use less than half of them (and thereby also make sure I get off my ass and earn some in the first place!).  I've got PT tomorrow night with Rob, which leaves me Wednesday and Thursday for maybe a lunchtime run and a toning class of some sort - Lili in my office did a Fitball class at the gym a couple of weeks ago on a Thursday, and it left her in suitable amounts of muscular pain afterwards, so I'm tending towards trying that one out (masochistic tendencies?  Moi?).

On a completely different topic, I realised last night that my second anniversary of this blog slid quietly by, unmarked and forgotten, a couple of days ago.  Two years, and my random rants and tangents - yet another thing that I've surprised myself by sticking too, almost as much as my continuing with the diet / healthy eating / fitness quest itself!

I flipped back to my first post last night (which you can find here) and was surprised how much I feel different from the girl who wrote that.  Since then I spent a year losing quite a lot of weight successfully, and a further year figuring out how not lose quite a lot of weight successfully and getting very frustrated with my lack of progress.  It took me quite a long time to work out that what I had managed to do was keep the weight off while I went about living a very full life.  I did a lot of growing in other ways last year:  I tried new things, pushing my boundaries and comfort zones, and taking some chances.  And then I dropped everything to go travelling (and managed to come home the same weight I left), quit my job, got a new job and moved cities.

Compared to the girl who was just starting out on 2009, I've shown myself to have more perserverence, guts and determination, along with sheer, bloody-minded, pig-headed stubborness, than I would ever have guessed.

Now it's just down to me to make my way to wherever I want to be on this blog's 3rd anniversary. 

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claire said...

Congratulations on the blog-iversary and well done on your amazing progress so far - so fantastic!