Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cracking on.

The mojo has returned after a few days of not being entirely driven. Well, thank god for that! Now I just need to see if it was in time to reclaim some kind of progress from this week.

Dinner last night was lovely - Tapas may not be the healthier food but it sure is delicious. We had some not-terrible choices of mussels and lamb skewers and some naughtier things like White beans in a cream and tomato sauce. I've pointed it all as best I can, and trying very hard to be realistic about it, which leaves with a small deficit for the week of 12 points.

I packed my gym bag when I got back last night, set my alarm for half an hour earlier so I could be sure of booking a space this morning and made my lunch. Preparation is key!!! :-)

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