Friday, 4 February 2011

A Catalogue of Disasters

Also entitled: How I Didn't Make My Spin Class This Morning

Oh good lord - ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong???

Firstly, I stepped on the scales this morning for my weekly weigh in and they were up 4lbs from last week.

Secondly, I left for my spin class, got halfway there and realised that I hadn't got my work pass, my purse or my gym class, so had to walk back home and therefore missed my spin class.

Thirdly, once back at the gym and finished with my alternative workout, I realised that I hadn't packed my long-sleeve top to go under my t-shirt, and was therefore going to be very cold at work since I had no jumper either. Cue another walk back home to retrieve extra clothing.

Fourthly, I'm so sore I can barely move, so I'm walking comedically stiffly and look a bit like Bambi on his newborn legs.

Fifthly (still reading?), I feel bloated and horrible.

Sixthly, I apparently did a drunken invite for a flatwarming party last night, and invited about 65 people. I only remembered this this morning when I got a text from a friend to say he couldn't come. Then Facebook decided to change the time of the event, and delete about 2/3rds of the invitations, so now I'm left with a very bizarrely lop-sided guest list with a particularly random selection of guests, and a lot of instances of one half of a couple being invited and not the other. So as if my spontaneous decision making wasn't bad enough, now I look like a plonker and have to fix it when I get home this evening.


But here's the deal - all of these things can coped with if I choose to deal with the day on my terms. And I do.

Let's deal with points 1,5 and 6 first.

I didn't eat as well as I wanted to last night, as I got slightly foxed by the restaurant's way of dealing with our order. All the dishes were randomly bought out and shared out amongst us, so there was no way to track down what you'd actually ordered. Instead, we had a smorgasbord (OMG - don't you love that word????) of gorgeousness spread in front of us to be shared out, and we got stuck in. I ate more than I planned, but not ridiculously. Mostly dimsum and shellfish / fish (we had 3 whole lobsters, 3 baked seabass and a whole crab), but only a tablespoon or so of each in total. No more than 2 tablespoons of rice in total. Half a spring roll. 3 small duck pancakes.

Given that I went to last night's dinner with 12 points to spare from my day and something like 48 untouched activity points, I'm not unduly worried that I overstepped the mark a bit on my eating. I'm a little more ashamed to admit that I may have sunk a bottle of wine with dinner (after specifically saying I wouldn't drink), but I resisted the peer pressure up to a point, and then caved. I did limit my drinking to the restaurant though - not in the bar beforehand and not in the pub afterwards.

Much as I love Chinese though, I had forgotten again that it doesn't love me back. Stupid, stupid MSG. It makes me insanely thirsty, feel sick and retain water like it's going to be a global drought shortly. Which brings me to point 1. Strike that weigh in from the book, m'Lord, because it's bollocks. I was steady at 12st 3lbs yesterday, and there's no way in hell that I've put on 4lbs of fat overnight. So I'm very much inclined to take yesterday's weigh in and assume I've stayed the same this week, rather than upset myself unduly about the scales this morning. NOt something I would usually do, but that's just not a real number on the scales this morning.

Point 6 is clearly a side-effect of the wine - guess I'm having a party now! Although, actually, everybody's said they're busy so far, so perhaps not lol.

Moving swiftly along! Errr, yeah - so the gym this morning! Oh good grief - how many times do I have to walk to and fom my flat??? I didn't make my spin class (and was fairly spitting about it), but I walked my ass back to the gym (and nearly got blown sideways doing it) and did my trainer's weights workout instead. Since I'm still sore from my actual training on Wednesday, now I'm extra sore! Ouch, ouch, ouch!! I might try and make spin tomorrow to catch up my missing class.

So, in summary, I'm ignoring this morning's weigh in, I've worked out my sore butt (literally - my butt is so sore!!!), and I'm straight onto the eating good wagon. I feel another good week coming on. Oh - and I have no problem staying the same weight - I said last week that I knew I would struggle to lose anymore this week after losing 3lbs last week - I'm happy I've eaten right and exercised - the rest will happen in time.

Happy weekends, lovelies! Tell me what exciting things you have planned!


Victoria said...

Dear oh dear, made me feel very sorry for you reading all that, hugs.

Maybe to help:
if you workout before work, the night before put your work clothes into your bag and have everything ready at the front door. Get your workout gear ready and go to the gym wearing it. That way in the morning all you have to do is throw on your gym kit and away you go, all bags and 'stuff' is ready for you and visa versa if you workout after work. I find getting everything organised the night before saves so much time the next day and I don't forget things which just adds un-needed stress!

I think you should ignore your weight in too, have a good week and see how it is next week, sounds to me like you know your body and know when your bloated etc.

Good luck this week, hope you don't have another 'one of them days'!


Linz M said...

Definitely ignore that WI, it's only going to be water retention from the Chinese, but you know that already!

Have a fab weekend - hope the party goes well :)