Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mixed bag

I’m having a mixed feelings kind of day.  I spent most of the day being uber-stressed (again) because I’m trying to cover my boss’s work this week whilst he’s on holiday.  Unfortunately, it’s my first quarter end with the business (which is our busiest, most time-pressured, craziest, flat out time of the work cycle), and the unit that my boss is responsible for happens to be the biggest and most bad-ass complicated of any looked after my our entire team / in our whole business.  Now add in that my junior is off on holiday this week, I’m still trying to mop up all the outstanding queries and adjustments on my own units, and I’m supposed to have started a whole brand new chunk of work that’s heavily timetable dependent some time last  week that I still haven’t even looked at you can see why I was debating tearing my hair out at multiple points of the day. Just for a little light entertainment, y’know?

Small things help relieve the stress: a run at lunch with Liz (a slightly slower than usual (for me) just-about-5km, but only Liz’s second run in a very long time, so very good for her), and one of the guys taking pity on me looking so miserable, and rocking up at my desk to offer me a mini gingerbread man to cheer me up.  That’s thoughtful for you!

The food was pretty good today on the whole – no snacking apart from fruit, and a big plate of simple food when I got home – grilled chicken with cajun spice, broccoli, carrots, some mushrooms and couscous.  I confess I did finish the very last remains of the cereal box off, but it was less than a full bowl, and it’s pointed – I ate it as dessert.

I got pampered at the hairdresser after work (and now have shiny, swishy, pretty hair again),  but felt a bit down after being asked the question all singles dread post-Valentines day: “did you do anything / get anything?”.  That would be a big, fat no.  Again.  For the I-don’t-know-how-many-years in a row.  I get so fed up of people telling me “it will happen”.  Really??  Will it?  Do you promise???  I sometimes wish I could just look into the future and know for sure, and at least I could stop worrying then if it isn’t on the cards.  I just hate the constant looking.  I don’t want to care, and waste so much energy on it, but I’m buggered if I know how to flick that switch in my head.#

Last night I also got myself depressed about my money too, as there’s no quick ladder out of that pool of debt either.

Up and down like a see-saw.


Peridot said...

Unless all men are stupid and blind, you will find a corker - a catch like you. Esp with shiny, swishy hair.

What happened to 2nd date boy?


Linz M said...

Work stress sucks, I feel your pain. I keep telling myself I am lucky to have a job, but it doesn't help overly!

As for men, I don't understand them at all - it took me a long time of looking to find my prince (and he's still a frog at times). I don't want to tell you what everyone else does - but you are gorgeous, so you know...

Chin up lady xx