Friday, 18 February 2011

Things Could Be Better

Weigh-in result: 2lbs on despite sticking to plan all week.

Physical condition: broken - bloody personal trainer has done his worst - sprint intervals and an arms / upper body work out that has officially killed me.

Headache and puffy eyes: check, due to being ditched for the girl he loves who's suddenly single (well at least he was honest I suppose) and a further battering to the self-esteem from other friends / guys letting me down. And apparently I can be "loud and over-bearing" when I'm feeling self-conscious and over-compensate - guaranteed to make a girl feel more confident and less self-conscious than ever.

Work: still stupid.

Spirit: not yet quite broken. It's a new day, none of the above has killed me (yet), and all I can do is keep trying to be better.

I couldn't quite face getting up at 6am to spin this morning, so I slept a bit longer and I'll hit the lunchtime class. Lunch is packed. And if I'm a little quieter than normal today at least I can still look them in the eye.

But I'll be glad when this week is done.

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Peridot said...

Aww honey. Sounds like you've taken a load of sucker punches all at once. Can other friends tell you what they love about you to balance out the sting of 'loud and over-bearing'? Obviously I don't know you in the real world but one thing that shines through is your vivacity and positivity - your absolute zest for life. Very attractive traits, my friend.


claire said...

Oh love - not a good week from the sounds of things, not a good week at all.

And show me a person who is never self-conscious and over-compensates - about 50 per cent of my friends do this - i think 50 per cent of humanity does. Someone criticising you for that has no self-awareness of their own faults, clearly.

Stay strong love. Things will get better

Hetty said...

Ignore the crappy scales they'll give you better news next week I'm sure. I'm starting to get my head around the fact that the amount of effort one puts in is not always translated to a result on the scales in the same week.

Despite all the pants things going on you have stuck to plan and battered yourself with exercise - fantastic! Don't forget how far you've come and what amazing things your slinky fit bod can do compared with when you started.

Hope the dose of endorphins at spin cheers you up a bit too. :)

Linz M said...

Oh lady, horrible week for you. Big hugs.

Remember, you totally rock, you've come so far and you seem like an amazing girl from your blog. We all have our flaws and whoever told you were loud and over-bearing certainly has at least one...

Hope the weekend is better for you.