Wednesday, 9 February 2011


In a fit of enthusiasm, I booked myself in for the morning circuits class last night.  I even packed my kit and made my lunchtime sandwiches last night so I was all ready to go this morning for my 7.15am class.  Organisation just makes everything soooooo much easier for me!  But fuck me (language! ‘Scuse me!) if it wasn’t the hardest class I’ve ever been to!!!!

I am well and truly broken – I can feel the aches setting in as I type.  I remember glancing at the clock at one point and we were only 25 mins in …. and it felt like an eternity of sweaty torture had already passed.  When we stopped for a quick breather, I actually debated the wisdom of throwing up.  Good lord.  I did however, slog it out to the end, despite being distinctly rubbish at a lot of the exercises (seriously ….. I mean, how many possible configurations of doing a press-up are there????) and trying to break the guy-on-the-next-station’s fingers by falling of a Swiss ball and stamping on his hand with my size 7 hoof (so sorry Mr Grey T-shirt!!!) – I kind of figured in the end, that the only way to hold my head high amongst the super-fit bods around me was to keep going as long as they did.

And the funny thing is, that early morning exercise always puts me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.  I’m back on the ball today, and it’s feeling good.

I was meant to have my third date with London Boy today at lunchtime, but he had to cancel at the last minute because he was baby-sitting his sick niece (yeah – there’s a certain “ahhh” factor there so I’ll let him off), and you know what my first thought was?  “Well, thank god I don’t have to eat out again today”!  Yes, that was my actual first thought.  I am officially a dieting-social-reject!

As it happens though, I did still go out for lunch, because one of my colleagues was having an utterly shit day and needed a little cheering up. Lunch could have been worse, and could have been better – I had a Thai chicken panini with some crisps.  The sandwiches are all handmade, so at least they’re fresh, but I could have had soup or a bagel with scrambled eggs instead if I’d thought a bit harder.  Next time, huh?  But I did make up for lunch, by leaving my afternoon yoghurt in the fridge and just eating fruit, and dropping the carbs out of my evening meal.  So I had leftover crispy chilli orange chicken (which was lovely, FYI, maybe I’ll try and post the recipe soon?) with a massive heaped pile of kale and mixed veg.  I’ve therefore managed to save a few points today and that’s great.

Since I’m on it at the moment, I’m dragging poor Liz who I work with out for a run tomorrow lunchtime.  I don’t know how that will go, but it’s always nice to find new people to exercise with :o)

I’m feeling pretty good about my eating the last couple of days.  The scales are still pinging around a little, so I won’t be surprised if I don’t lose again this week, but I like this feeling of motivation and am happy to hang on to it.

Must go to bed now, as my eyes keep closing as I type!  Night, lovelies!


kate said...

7.15am!!!!! nice one!

Linz M said...

That sounds like torture - good on ya for sticking with it though, I think I'd have been sick :)