Thursday, 16 December 2010


Ok – not a great day today, but not a truly horrific day either.  I got caught a bit short, as I forgot I was having catch-up coffee / lunch with my recruitment consultant today, which threw things a bit out of whack.

So that’s a slight negative.  On the positive side, my overeating this evening has mostly been vegetables, some lean beef, a meringue and some dry cereal.  An odd combination, but the cereal got scarfed down whilst I was waiting for my butternut squash to roast to go with my stew.  Not so bad I guess, but eating cereal from the box is definitely a habit I do not want to get back into.

Pay attention, Self, and *note that down*!

Yesterday, I did good.  I went to the gym after work for spin, and popped out a quick 10 min run, 10 mins of the rower and some quick upper-body weights whilst I was waiting for the class.  And bugger me, if that class wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve done for a while!  The instructor was a demon (and interestingly, the same instructor I had for Balance on Sunday), and it was tough!!  I sweated buckets and gasped my way through the entire 45 mins, everytime I looked at my heart rate monitor I was in the 170’s, but pride wouldn’t let me slack the pace and not stay with the beat.  Masochistically good stuff, as I was going harder and more consistently than the 4 pretty boys in the corner who looked like they’d accidentally wandered in from a pro football or rugby team somewhere – they looked broken. lol.  Surprisingly, I’m not too achy at all today, and the instructor complimented me at the end saying I’d done well.  So that was 880 calories wiped off the face of the earth in one gym session.

When I got home last night, I decided I was not so hungry that I couldn’t wait for the longer time required to cook stew.  I ate a massive portion of it (and the same again this evening), but since it’s all lean stewing steak, root veg (mostly zero point) and stock and tomatoes, I figure it’s better to get full on that than rubbish.  I’ve been very hungry the last couple of nights, but I’m trying where I can to not eat too much crap.

Weigh in tomorrow, and I suspect it might be another small gain, or a stay-the-same if I’m very lucky.  I don’t deserve anything else with this week’s eating though.  But, I have tracked the lot, I know what I ate, and I will take responsibility for myself.

Tomorrow is also my work Xmas party – menu’s are pre-selected – I’ve gone for mussels to start, a smoked haddock risotto for main, and a chocolate mousse for dessert.  That’s not going to be great on points, but they’re some of the better options from the menu I think, and should be pretty portion-controlled compared to options like roast belly pork with all the trimmings.  I doubt dinner will happen, and although we’ll be drinking wine with the meal, I intend to get back on the spirits and slimline mixers as quickly as poss, and for the sake of pacing, try and get some non-alcholoic drinks in too.  This is my one big social blow-out this week, after that it’s a quiet weekend at the flat, pottering round town finishing Xmas shopping (but being very good and sticking to my budgeting, so no shopping for me), watching Xmas-y films, maybe doing a design project for the flat, and trying to eat a bit more healthily, and with some sense of volume! 

Ooooooh – and waiting for the snow that apparently is going to blanket Bristol.  We’ll see.

Weigh in results will be posted truthfully tomorrow. 

Thanks as always for your support. xx

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Elle said...

Oh my goodness, I love your blog. Mostly I like it because I feel like I'm reading the real-life diary of Bridgette Jones. It's wonderful!
I enjoyed reading through your last several posts so much that I will certainly be back for more. And congratulations! You've come quite a long way. If I am reading correctly, it looks like you've only got about 12 more pounds to lose before you hit your goal? Is that correct?

Well thanks for stopping by the blog today and leaving a comment! I appreciated it!

Elle, A PriorFatGirl