Tuesday, 14 December 2010


What I have discovered is this:

If I don't get my miserable arse on here regularly (say at least every other day or so) then I don't have accountability for what goes in my gob.

There ... I've said it.

This weekend didn't go soooo badly, until Sunday night. And the reason for that is that I'd planned it. But Sunday night, after diligently pointing up everything and eating a sensible tea, I went to Hannah's for films and chat. And even though I'd eaten that sensible tea not an hour before, I ended up eating pizza with them when their takeaway arrived. Hmmmm - spot the deliberate error there!

And FYI? Domino's Double Decadence - the thin crust with the two layers and pesto sandwiched between? Not only ridiculously high in points, but actually not that great. Give me a standard deep pan or thin crust anyday. Too thin, too greasy, and not that tasty. I also wonder when I actively started preferring a veggie laden pizza to pepperoni / meat feast type ones?

Anyhoo - we can safely say that I was cursing when I stepped on the scales yesterday morning and they'd shot up to 12st 9. That's nearly half a stone higher than they were a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, I realise that it's very difficult to put 3lbs of fat on over one weekend, so a lot of that will be salt / chemical / MSG-type hangover, but it was still a shock.

As a result, yesterday I was good. I committed to tracking everything and finished the day in a sensible place (which skimmed 1.5lbs straight back off by this morning). Today, I'm on track to be good again, and I'm practically chanting the persistence not perfection mantra to myself rather than beat myself up. But I think I need to get on here much more often than I have been to say these things (and I could do with a little more of the perfection maybe!).

Exercise-wise, things aren't too bad; Bridget had an early-ish start on Sunday, which left me available to stroll over for Sunday morning Body Balance at the gym followed by a round of the PT-prescribed weights. Two things: a) I am really stiff at the moment, but sure felt better for an hour of stretching and bending, if a little wobbly afterwards, and b) those weights kill me in the space of 10 mins.

Seriously. Not even joking - I was absolutely crippled yesterday with post-work-out muscle soreness. Not that it's entirely unpleasant, but there's not much of me that doesn't ache at the moment. My abs (somewhere under all that remaining fat) especially.

So that's that. I'm recommitting you guys. I will be on here more often (as well as the Reverb10 posts that I'm now behind on) just talking day-to-day stuff: achievements, cock-ups, boring drivel - the works.

Now aren't you lucky?


Kathleen said...

Sorry to hear the pizza wasn’t that good – I hate when I waste calories on something that doesn’t live up to the hype.

Lizzie said...

yes we are lucky. please do keep posting or i shall pester you on facebook and via email....you ahve been warned missus! xxx

skinny latte said...

Oh I hate it when you eat something high in points/calories and it tastes like crap. Been there many times!! Just got to put it down, stop eating and start afresh :)