Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Chocolate Pledge

My actual eating today (and over the last couple of days) hasn't been terrible. What's not been ideal has been the amount of chocolate and biscuits consumed. Being back at Dad's means numerous boxes of open chocolates laying around, as well as a fully-stocked biscuit tin. And today I had an explicable need for fudge and devoured an entire box of Divine Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Fudge. On. My. Own. (And yes, that is one of the things I tracked honestly - all 19 sodding points of it).

Well, since I have successfully reached the bottom of the open bags of chocolate (yes, I pointed those too), that's one temptation removed.

But I hearby pledge to keep my grubby little fingers out of the chocolates tomorrow. And the biscuits. Also mince pies, fondant fancies and whatever-else-is-hiding-in-the-corner-cupboard-of-treats.

Let's aim for a day without silly snacking, people!

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