Friday, 10 December 2010


Well, it's about time I poked my head above the parapet and 'fess up. This week I gained. Last week, those of you who are eagle-eyed will have spotted, I didn't post a weigh-in, because ... I gained.

Two weeks in a row. Hmmmm - not acceptable. I've been eating rubbish, on and off, which I did admit to, but obviously more with the on than the off, and it has, somewhat inevitably, bitten me in the ass. And latched on.

Not a massive gain, but enough to ring alarm bells and put me just back over that 12st 6lbs, I worked so hard to get under. 3.5lbs in 2 or 3 weeks. Not good. Not acceptable.

And not bloody staying there!

I blame the last little bit on dinner out last night - Mexican food and some pretty potent cocktails. Not big and not clever. Or actually too big and not clever.

So ... here's the plan of action. This weekend Bridget is down to play. I won't fall guilty to my usual trick of waaaaaay over-catering. I can be Good Hostess without needing to do that. We could go out to dinner tonight, but frankly why waste the calories and money? I'll cook us something tasty to eat at the flat. Then we're going out tonight - limiting the cocktails is key. I like vodka and mixers, so there's no need to go bat-shit crazy on cocktails. One or two should be fine. I must not fall into the trap of doing "holiday" breakfasts and lunches tomorrow - it's a waste. And I'm prepared for tomorrow night's pizza and film-fest. I've got thin-crust pizzas, not too big and with lots of veggies. I'm mini-pittas, crudites and low-fat humus. I've got lots of fresh fruit, and some chocolate for fondue, but also low-fat frozen yoghurt (but Ben and Jerry's of course!) for an evening of guilt-free lazing. And I might see if I can make a class, or get a run in on Sunday - some form of exercise.

As for next week - the crap is now gone from the house. I don't have any plans to eat out. My new PT has given me something to do at the gym. And after proclaiming I'd go for a run the other night ... I did. At half 8 on a Tuesday night, I wrapped up against the -5 temps and wound my way around the puddles of ice for 5 and a bit k. And it was a lovely run (does that mean I can officially call myself a runner?). So, a few more of those to come too.

Let's see if I can finish kicking my ass back into gear, and finally get to grips with this new ProPoints program. I've been letting events and eating badly act as an excuse, but really I've just being a grumpy child about not really getting on with the new program. But if I want to get to goal then I'm going to have suck it up and commit myself to it. Might as well start here and now.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Well, I'm probably right there in the "gain" boat with you since I spent the last couple of weeks holiday-making and traveling to exotic locales with fabulous food. But back on the wagon now, exercising and eating right; here... hop aboard: I saved you a seat!