Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Xmas Eve!

It's nearly time ... I'm pretty excited to be going home for the best part of a week, catching up with friends, and enjoying some time off to just relax, read, finally get to play in the snow (since Bristol never did catch any proper white stuff). And not eat too much.

I can't hide that my eating this week has been pretty close to the atrocious end of the scale. That in itself has displeased me no end, but I have still eaten badly regardless. At least I know exactly how badly I ate, because I forced myself to write it all down - so I know that my gain at the scales this morning to extremely displeasing 12st 8.5lb (3lbs up on last week) is down to the might 74 points deficit in my tracker. I have definitely reaped what I sowed.

Let us not dispair though. I'm off home this afternoon, and I know that a lot of my eating this week has been down to boredom and home-baking. It's been really freaking quiet at work this week, and that's always been one of my biggest triggers to eat. Combine that with me spending Sunday afternoon last week in a festive whirl of baking very belated birthday cakes for the office, and there's me with an empty in-tray and a box of chocolate and hazlenut cupcakes and a tin of sugar biscuits on the desk next to me all week. Not a great combination. Then there was pic'n'mix at the cinema on Tuesday evening (I haven't been for weeks, and forgot how sick that stuff generally makes me feel afterwards - now I remember, and hopefully won't make that mistake again too soon), and the fact that I haven't done a proper food shop in a couple of weeks and have been polishing off whatever's in the fridge combined with dropping in at the local supermarket on the way home each night to pick up "essentials" and there's me eating a lot of bits I wouldn't usually. Oh yeah - and there's too much ice to run, and the gym's cancelled loads of classes for Xmas .... boooooo.

Anyhoo - my fault. Move along.

What I did have on Wednesday was my second personal trainer appointment at the gym. Jesus Christ is that boy evil!!!! Hill sprint intervals on the treadmill, for crying out loud?!?!? I didn't even know I could do those (well, I can, but only with accompanying thoughts of passing out or throwing up), many weights, prolonged abs, and just as I was ready to drop, he wanted to see how many proper press-ups I could do. The answer's 6, but not with great form, but in my defence I'd just done a chest / arms / shoulders weights work out.

Sooooooo - next week. I'm off home to Dad's tonight. He tells me he's stocked the cupboards up, but I'm bringing in fruit, veg and healthier options. Plus, I don't get so bored, so I'm damn well aiming for next week's weigh in to be lower. I initially packed my running gear, since I'm no longer a member of the gym at home, but then realised that with 6 inches of snow down, that wasn't a practical reality. Instead, I've got walking gear for lots of exploring all the snowy goodness on the hills and sledging (that should burn a few Xmas calories!), and also my swimming cossie, as I reckon the pool should be open at some point.

I'm taking the laptop home over Xmas so expect further updates!! Hope you all have an amazing, enjoyable, not toooo over-indulgent Xmas's!!! xxx

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