Saturday, 25 December 2010

Ha!! I wish!

Dad's scales are clearly kinder than mine - back in the parental home now and apparently weighing 12st 4.5 this morning - funny how I lost 4 lbs overnight lol!!!

Had a lovely night out with my schoolfriends last night, doing much over-excited, very fast gabbling, catching up - it was great. I always come away from time with them feeling well-loved and like I'm awesome.

Also - I blame this on the drunk people present (and this will probably make more sense once I've done my "things for 2011" post) - there appears to have been some sort of drunken pact made for the 5 of us present last night to run the Bristol half marathon in September. Let us just pray (as the only sober and driving person there last night) that they've forgotten about that this morning. A Half might be a bit of a scary step too far at the moment!!

Ate a few naughties yesterday, but all tracked and not ridiculous - hopefully that was the start of my Very Reasonable Christmas that I'm hoping to achieve this year :-)

Off to open pressies now and forage for some breakfast!

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Badger said...

You can do a half marathon if I can. I weigh over a stone more than you at the moment and indeed when I did the half.
I followed the Bupa training programme or at least tried to, and completed the GNR last Sept. It was fab and I'll do it again next year.