Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Good thing:  I had my first free appointment with my new personal trainer at the gym yesterday lunchtime.  He smiles like butter wouldn’t melt, but none-the-less left me in bits today.  Muscles hurting.

Bad thing:  I ate flawlessly all day, then got sidetracked into the opening the second bag of Belgian chocolates bought home from my weekend in Brussels – the ones that were meant for friends.  Blech.

Good thing:  I didn’t finish the whole bag – I acknowledged that I was starting to feel sick and stopped ahead of time.

Bad thing:  I’m clearly not quite over the have-food-in-the-house-must-eat-it food hangover thing yet.

Good thing:  I thought it was too cold to go for a run earlier.  Now I have the motivation I need to get my ass out the house.  5k run will help negate the chocolates.  Serves me right.

Bad thing:  I didn’t track properly over my weekend away, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I was over my points.

Good thing:  I didn’t eat as much as I could have done, due to an absolutely killer, nausea-inducing, am-I-going-to-pass-out-or-throw-up style hangover that caught up with me midday on Saturday.

Bad thing:  I’m obviously still drinking too much.

Good thing:  I’m refocused on getting back into the whole exercise thing, and still have a refreshed outlook on eating well (just need to get rid of the very last bits of the rubbish food hanging round the house).

Bad thing:  I’m eating out on Thursday night, and than have Bridget staying from Friday to Sunday – recipe for derailment.

Good thing:  I’ve already started planning the menu for the weekend to avoid that.


Good thing:  I’m off to freeze my butt off out there in the cold, cold night air and run now.

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