Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Still fighting myself

My eating's still cycling between good and bad, but I'm tracking it at least. Maybe in the hope that I can shame myself into eating properly sometime soon. I have no intention of cutting loose over Xmas (or any looser at least) - I intend to fight a good, or at least mediocre, fight over the holiday period.

I managed Friday night's Xmas party as planned and actually managed to bank some points, as well as avoiding a hangover, but undid that on Saturday when I had guilty takeaway for dinner. Also, Starbucks Iced Ginger Loaf? Lovely, but not worth 11 or 12 points, i.e. a 1/3 of my day's points!

I was up and all dressed to go to Balance on sunday morning, but was foiled by my gym cancelling the class in the run up to Xmas and with all the crappy weather. Not that we've got much crappy weather here - all the rubbish of the problems (cancelled classes, ice everywhere, travel plans being cocked up) without any if the actual fun of the snow. So not fair.

At least sorting my present shopping out has meant lots of walking over the weekend, which has been good, and I've got another appt with the trainer at the gym tomorrow to kick my butt.

Yesterday wasn't a great day, as I ate too much cake. I got home in the evening and couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner. I really wanted some of the smoked haddock from the freezer, I was craving broccoli and I was also desperate for some pitta bread and humous. Eventually, I threw the rules out the window and had all of them. And I savoured it - I forced myself to slow down and taste all of it.

I was feeling a bit emotionally spaced last night - feeling the pressure of impending Xmas I guess, so after I'd had a little sniffle I picked myself up, cleaned the flat and sat down to wrap all my presents with something good on the tv.

Then I took a well-timed phonecall from Hannah, who cheered me right up and suggested something exciting for next year. I said yes, and then set about investigating further exciting options for next year. I'm going to do a proper post on plans for next year soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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