Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Basic Principles


Sometimes it feels like I haven't even learnt the basic lessons of healthy eating and losing weight.  Case in point (realised whilst ummming and aaahing over whether to have the mini Gu cheesecake for dessert at a meagre 4 points):  if you're ummmmming and aaaaahing over whether you should or shouldn't have something, I can tell you the correct answer right now:  put the damn cheesecake (or whatever it is) back.

Yep, stupid basics that I apparently haven't yet grasped.  If you can't decide whether or not to eat or drink something, then the most likely answer is that you shouldn't.  The reason you are being indecisive is that you know you shouldn't but want to anyway.  So go with the "knowing" bit and deal with it.

It's not been a perfect day for food, as I'm a little over my daily allowance, and didn't get to running club for the 3rd week in a row (week 3 excuse: I was still at work when the session finished).  But there have been small victories in there.  I realised early in the day that I wanted to eat my stress in the form of chocolate.  The notion of buying one of the handmade bags of chocolates from down the office (and for charity, I might add) was therefore somewhat irresistable.  A lot of the time I end up eating something because I have a bizarre fear that if I don't sieze the opportunity to have X now, I might not ever have it again.  Usually this is something I can reason my way out of, once I've spotted the trend.  There will always be more fish and chips / cake / boozey nights out, etc, etc.  Handmade chocolates - ok, there might not be as many of those.  I did buy some, but despite the mega stress-y and stupidly long day (hi, leaving the office at 8.30), I am very glad to report that there is still half a bag of chocolates in my locker.  Not a complete wipe out then.

Mostly, and aside from the chocolates, I have stuck to eating when I'm hungry.

Not that it's doing me a fat lot of good right now (pun intended) as the scales aren't going anywhere in particular, but I've said it before (and you can be damn sure I'll say it again, ad nauseum), persistence is key.  As long as I'm being honest with myself and what I'm recording, at some point, there will have to be progress.

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Great Post
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