Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Better Day

After yesterday's meltdown, I felt unsurprisingly gross today.  Too much MSG will do that to a girl.  Too much food period, in fact.

So I started this morning with a sour stomach (and sour feelings on my failures and having to go to work, but I digress), and luckily for me, the best thing when I feel like that is a bowl of cereal and milk, and then not a lot else.  Since I've been in work all day (oh yay, for another 8 and a half hours of officey joy), there's not been a lot of eating going on period, although I was starving just before lunch turned up, and a Toffee Crisp was about the best option I could source, so I had it.  Better choices being made today though - lunch was work provided, and given the choice of pizza or Chinese (noooooooo, not again and definitely not so soon), I opted to share a plain La Reine pizza from Pizza Express with one of my colleagues, with a portion of dough balls and a salad to share.  Half an individual pizza and a couple of dough balls was plenty, and I managed to find some fruit during the afternoon so all around, I've done better.

I'm a few points over on my allowance today, but at least feeling like I'm back to thinking stuff through today.  I have a precious day off tomorrow, before we pile into a crazy hectic week on Monday, so I fully imagine tomorrow will be full of lazing.  Actual lazing.  Sleeping in, and not doing anything I don't want to.  I wouldn't mind a little lazy activity of some sort (if that's not a contradiction in terms) but I'm certainly not going to beat myself up if it doesn't happen.  I'll just keep an eye on my eating and try and relax and unwind a bit (apart from on the eating).

In the meantime - I need sleep.

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