Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Give Me Strength

Shopping when you are hungry, really really hungry, is an absolute bitch. 

I had to go to the supermarket today on the way home from work, and I can't tell you how much the fresh baguettes and the cookies were calling to me.  Yelling in fact.  A siren call of instant gratification.

I blocked my ears (with some effort), bought my veg and walked home.  The walk home seemed longer than usual - don't you hate it when you're so hungry you feel like lead and you're going hot and cold?  Total crash.

Anyway, I was good.  I got in and made my dinner without diving into something to snack, although I did have an extra slice of bread and butter afterwards.  I also allowed myself a couple of scoops of icecream at the cinema later too - I look at this way - icecream is my weakness, I love it, and if I allow myself one treat of it a week, at the cinema, I can cope without having it in the house.

Spinning today sucked ass, it was so damn hard.  Gasping for breath and slogging the whole way through, but I've twigged now why my run last night was so bad: my quads are dead today.  It's because we did a new Body Balance release at the class yesterday lunchtime, and the new "standing strength" track is an absolute bee-atch - 6 long minutes of held lunges in the yoga Warrior positions.  It didn't occur to me til today, but my legs are sore, and when I thought back I remembered how my quads were starting to cramp during the track and I had to keep easing back and stretching ... no wonder the run was hard!

I'm continuing to track faithfully and hit my workouts hard this week - despite the occasional set-backs, I'm feeling strong.  Long may it last!


Seren said...

Lots of NSVs there - well done you! Hope you see your reward on the scales.


Linz M said...

The smell of fresh bread is an absolute killer, well done for resisting!

You are totally kicking ass with all the exercise you are doing - go girl!