Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday Feelings

Surprisingly, I'm not nearly as grumpy as you would expect after this morning's weigh in.  You would reasonably expect, at least some, wailing.  Maybe a little tearing of hair and beating of the chest.  But in actual fact, I find myself oddly ... sanguine about it.

The facts are that this morning's weigh in sees me 0.5lbs up on last week.  Yep - after a week of sticking like glue to the Weightwatchers plan, passing up cake and putting caramel waffles in my locker out of sight and mind, exercising when I should be (including a hideous session of hill sprints with running club on Wednesday - sheer torture if there was ever any), I have put weight on.

Go figure.

But I went to the scales suspecting that, this morning.  I felt in myself that I hadn't lost any weight.  And I reminded myself that I can't control the scales.  All I can do is control the way I eat, and the way I move. 

There are a number of reasons that the scales haven't gone anywhere (apart from up and back down) this week.  I suspect the main answer is this:  last week I lost 2 and a little bit lbs, after eating atrociously for a week and a bit or more, culminating in a rather unlovely binge type meal of Chinese, and then about 3 days of eating properly.  Seems to me that there was some water-weight losses going on, since I lost around 5lbs in those 3 days from my high point, and maybe I didn't quite lose what it appeared I did.  In which case, it would be very reasonable for my body to be playing catch up this week and actually losing that weight in terms of fat rather than water.

I shan't let this affect my eating - I'm straight onto another 29 points today.  A clean week.  A fresh week.  I figure I need to keep eating like this for at least 3 full weeks to allow my body a chance to divest itself of some unwanted poundage.  Last week was my first full week.  At the end of the week, I'd used my flex allowance, but not touched on my 45 activity points earned.  I'd like to aim for the same again or better this week.  So for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to keep challenging myself with my eating, and keep the exercise moving as usual.  If I've been honest, as I believe I have been the last 10 days or so, and the scales are still not showing any movement by that point, I'll consider that maybe a new approach is needed, but until then, I'm going to make the biggest and bestest effort I can to stick to the plan.  and I can suceed, I know that.

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Seren said...

It's a real shame that the scales aren't reflecting your efforts this week, but how fantastic that you can be so clear headed and positive about it. Our bodies don't necessarily work on the same seven day cycle that we do after all - and I'm sure if you keep up your amazing efforts this week you will see the results on the scales.

Have a fabulous weekend!