Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Kick Ass

I am proud to report that I kicked my 29 point target for today in the arse. Which was a bit of a surprise since it was looking somewhat in jeopardy following lunchtime. Lunch was a very tasty jacket potato with sausage, beans and grated cheese, that tracked at a whopping 19 points - but soup for dinner and a nice box of prepared fresh fruit or dinner saved the day.

Running club, on the other hand, kicked my ass. 45 mins solid of hill repeats in some rather lovely, humid weather. Flippin' heck - I was raining sweat afterwards! But I survived. And impressively, survived the trip to the supermarket on the way home. It seems the longer I stay glued to plan, the (slightly) easier it becomes to ignore the siren call of all the beautiful things in Waitrose that I shouldn't have.

And finally, talking of kick-ass people - I met Jason Gardner, the Olympic athlete (and indeed gold medal winner) today. Complete with his gold medal! My work happen to be one of the biggest sponsors of the London Olympics, and they're holding a "torch tour" at the moment, which is a travelling exhibition about the Olypmpic torches and some of the history of the games, which is coming to each of the major office sites. Today, it was in Bristol, complete with 3 of the actual torches from the Beijing, Vancouver and London games and an Olympic athlete who very kindly stood patiently and let us all have our photos taken with him and the London torch. It was pretty cool. There's a massive amount of hype about the games at work, and lots of competitions being held for tickets to the games and chances to actually carry the torch and Olympic flame, and I have to admit that I've been tuning a lot of it out for the most part, but even I have to admit that today's event was fun and interesting.

Good day all round. Well, apart from the money-shite earlier, but I'm kind of over that now. I'm no worse off than I was this morning, it's just that something that would have helped didn't come through. I'll survive though, because I always do.

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