Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Photos From Exmoor

Finally, my laptop and Blogger are on speaking terms again with regards to photos, so I can bore you senseless with some photos from last week [insert evil laugh here].

But truthfully, I love Exmoor so much, and it's so damn pretty, that I feel it's my duty to share some of it's beauty with you rabble.  Just don't, you know, decide to go there and spoil it for me, ok? ;o)

Seriously though - look at the colours - just freaking amazing!!  This is up on Exmoor between Porlock and Lynmouth, looking out over the Severn Estuary:


And a few miles further along, you get to Lynmouth itself and this glorious view (and god yes, that cream tea was delicious!):

porlock july 2011 005


When the weather's that lovely, then it's definitely time to get the bike out and go play (and sit in a tea garden with a well-earned (half) cream tea afterwards - you can tell I was excited about it - I inhaled the first half of the scone before I remembered a photo was in order!):

porlock july 2011 036

A lovely trip to sleepy little Porlock Weir - as you can see it wasn't as warm as all the sun might suggest, hence my being huddled up in my fleece.  We did find the nicest pub for my Dad's birthday lunch though, and I had the best pie I've had in forever - chicken and leek with an amazing golden puff pastry crust and a ton of veg .... soooooooo gooooood [drool]:

porlock july 2011 136          
And this is my dream house - still in Porlock Weir, it's just beautiful.  If I could plonk it somewhere with some decent surf and a bit of wind-surfing I'd be in heaven indeed.:

Dreamy little Bossington this time:


As you can see - the whole area is the perfect anti-dote to real life ...

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