Monday, 11 July 2011

Temporary Distraction

Generally, I've been quite good over the weekend about trying to stick to the conscious eating theme, but I have to admit to getting a bit distracted yesterday.  Partly, because it was just one of those days when you're "hungry" and no matter how much you have, you still want more.  Basically, it's nothing to do with physical hunger at all, just one of those days when you want to eat.  The comfort and taste and action of eating.

The other thing I discovered yesterday, is that planning your meals and conscious eating do not go hand-in-hand.  In fact, they're the very opposite of each other.  I wanted pancakes in the morning, so I had them, but late because I'd had a lie-in.  The plan was then to have soup for lunch and a roast for tea, but I tripped myself up with that plan.  You see, I only finished breakfast at 11.30, so even by 1.30-2 when I needed lunch done and dusted, I wasn't really hungry.  That would have been my mistake:  I should have just abandoned the plan and foregone lunch, but I cooked it and forced it down anyway, when I wasn't really hungry.  I was just sucked in by the idea that it was lunchtime, and I should have something savoury for lunch.  Doh - I'll know better next time.

The problem with derailing at that point, was that then I'd set a precedent for eating when I wasn't hungry, and that pretty much always leads to a "grazing" mentality.  I spent the afternoon out and around town, and stopped for a drink at a coffee-shop in the sun by the harbour, and somehow added flapjack to my drinks order.  I wasn't hugely hungry in the evening, but knowing I'd planned a roast and it would take a while I stuck it in anyway, so then I ended up eating it.  Add to that a couple of the packets of Mini Party Rings and a cup of cocoa (new discovery - cocoa plus powdered Canderel makes ace milky hot chocolate at a fraction of the points of normal Cadburys Drinking Chocolate), and yesterday somehow turned into a day of constant eating.

I did get an hour's walk in the sunshine in, and it wasn't a total loss because I had flex points to spare (which are now all used), but I'm cursing myself for being stupid.  I can see where I went wrong now, so I guess I just need to learn from it.

Right now, I'm taking my poor abused, and still aching from Friday circuits, muscles off to a Body Balance class in the hope that they'll feel a bit looser afterwards.

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Seren said...

I'm very pro meal planning - but I definitely agree it doesn't sit all that well with truly conscious eating. I suppose the trick is to learn how to balance the two.

You're still doing so well though - I'm trying to channel you and your conscious eating ATM!