Friday, 22 July 2011

Challenge Complete

The nicest thing with setting these little mini challenges over the last couple of days doesn't really have anything to do with the scale at all.  Or even how I feel in myself and my clothes.  Those are merely side-effects.  Very pleasant side-effects, I'll grant you, but just a by-product none-the-less. 

The really nice thing about the challenges, is that I'm actually hitting my targets for once.  I'm looking at the thing I can control, and taking the reins.  And I'm even managing to combine it with some of the conscious eating I've been focusing on.  And maybe I'm imagining it, but I seem to have been more aware of when I'm actively full, and don't want to eat at all, these last couple of days.

So whatever the scale brings tomorrow, I'm happy that I've at least got the second part of the week right.  I can't control the scales, can I?  But I can control my food intake and my exercise.

I've hit today's target bang on, again.  I love the feeling of 3 days in a row when I'm hit my targets.  29 points exactly.

I have a slightly different plan for tomorrow and the start of the dreaded weekend: grave yard of so many diets.  Tomorrow night, I'm going out for a few drinks with my team after work, so conscious of the fact that I'll probably want an alcholic beverage or 2, I'm allowing myself an extra 10 points tomorrow - so the challenge is 39 points.  I probably can't drink much more than a couple of drinks without getting tanked at the moment, as I've been laying off the alcohol recently and have consequently become a total lightweight.  10 points would be 5 spirit and mixers, or a couple of cocktails - it should be plenty anyway, since I don't want a heavy night tomorrow.  I'm going to keep on controlling what I can, being vigilant of my eating and focus on the here and now, not what was, and not some unknowable future.

Right now.  Bring.  It.  On.

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