Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rainy Running

I totally don't want to go to running club this evening.

Despite saying that I've got the running bug again, which I have, I don't want to go.  And I feel I should.  Because I've paid for it.

It's rainy, cold and miserable out there, and the last couple of runs have sucked, so I just want to run at my own pace.

Nope - I don't want to go.  Not.  One.  Little.  Bit.

EDIT - I'm also a bloody idiot, because I was still intending to go, despite the bitching, and I've just realised that I was thinking it started at 7.30pm, and it's not it's 7pm, which means I've missed it anyway, since I can't get changed and drive up there in 12 minutes - crap, crap, crap!!!!!

SECOND EDIT - Well, I ran anyway.  I'd eaten a light dinner, damn it, and if I've paid for classes and then missed them, then I should bloody well get my lazy arse out there and run like I'm meant to.  It was slow, really slow, but better than the last couple of runs.  At least I managed to run the whole 5 and bit km straight this time, but in the snail pace time of 37 mins.  Just going to have to keep on it I guess!

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