Friday, 22 July 2011

No Slacking!

I managed a solid 1.8lbs off this week.  That would be good for me on a normal week, but considering where I was mid-week it's a bloody miracle.  Looking at my weight tracker it's the lowest I've been since the beginning of May, so that's really great to see.  But I realise that that position is fragile, and won't stay there unless I keep making good choices.  I can't sit on my laurels, and I can't celebrate the victories of the last couple of days (although please, let's give me a little cheer here - 3 days perfectly on track which just happens to co-incide with 3 days of office cakes - extra victory!).

Forget what has been though and move right along.  Persistence - it's just as important when we're doing well, as when we feel like giving up.  So I have a fresh challenge today, as decided last night.  39 points to stick to today, drinks with work to navigate tonight, breakfast at work already navigated (damn the rest of my team for deciding it was the morning to all have bacon rolls to line the stomachs for drinking tonight - saying no was hard, but I was totally full from my breakfast of porridge and raspberries and really didn't need it). 

So just having a quick lunch now before heading to this Friday's edition of Killer Circuits.

Edit: have just realised, that in fact it wasn't 1.8lbs, it was 2.2lbs - even better!


Linz M said...

Excellent! Well done missus - keep up the good work and have a lovely weekend!


Seren said...

Well done, that's excellent! Have a good weekend.


Badger said...

Well done lady! x