Sunday, 3 July 2011

Damage Evaluation

Phew - a quick visit to the scales this morning shows that the post-holiday-let-hair-down damage is a mere 2lbs - which gives me until Friday's official weigh in to make some proper headway.

What I need to get my head down and make some real amends to are my portion sizes and my diligence in tracking.  I'm aware that I've become a little lax on both these fronts, and admitting it is only half the battle is you don't then do something about it!

I made a start yesterday, in that having consumed the entire pack of pate (oh my lord - Waitrose Chicken Forestier pate - divine), I thought I'd be cheating myself if I didn't then work out the actual damage rather than just taking a somewhat-on-the-gentle-side guess at it.  Ok - so it was 18 points.  Plus 4 slices of rather lovely white bloomer bread.  But that was lunch and tea.

That's another battle I still need to work on - that mealtimes doesn't have to equate to a meal.  I had a few bits to get in town yesterday, and it was just after 5 when I got back to the flat.  Since I was hungry I had those two slices of bread with the rest of the pate, but normally I wouldn't count that as a proper meal.  But I was full.  A "normal" person would probably just count that as dinner and move on, but for me there's always a little voice going "but you're going to be hungry later", and a huge internal debate follows.  I take yesterday's as a kind of win though, since I decided to wait and see if I did get hungry before having something else to eat, and ended up just having a piece of toast with some jam at about 10pm instead.

In other victories, I manage to leave town yesterday having just bought the cards I went in for and some replacement bracelets for some I broke.  This is despite spending several hours trying dresses on because I half-convinced myself that I needed something new to wear to the engagement party I'm going to this afternoon.  I don't, and I managed to make it home without splurging any money on dresses (or the crop jeans or shorts that I somehow thought I needed as well) - I guess with the shopping habit, it's a bit like dieting - it's a mini victory everytime you don't do something, whether it's eating the cake or buying the dress.

On that note - time for me to go get changed into something a little neater (I think maybe shorts would be pushing the "casual" dress code for this afternoon a bit far) and get headed up the road to Malvern.

Hope you're all out enjoying the sun! 

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trio said...

I'm a little scared to stand on the scales as I stopped tracking and started eating lots of rubbish. But reading this makes me think I must get tracking as it does help me think a bit more and not just eat constantly!