Friday, 15 July 2011

Toooooooooo Much!!!

I don't know what happened today, no idea at all, but my eating has been atrocious.

I don't know whether I finally let the stress get to me at work. Or whether I rebelled after a week of trying to eat consciously. Or if I'm letting some other emotion eat. Like loneliness.

Whatever - I'm currently feeling painfully full. Chinese takeaway, a doughnut, a brownie and a Crunchie - all eaten today.

And I didn't stop eating after I was full. Or when I was very full. Or even when I was painfully full. I stopped when it was all gone.

There will be no more today. And tomorrow is a new day.

I'm annoyed, but I'm far more frustrated. I scraped a bare half lb loss this morning after trying last week and still not being perfect. And today has probably completely undone that.

It's not time to give up though. I'm forgetting how it feels to be half a stone lighter, except that I know it felt better. I felt better.

New day tomorrow. Tomorrow I fight again. We all keep fighting. Tomorrow. Tonight. Right now.

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Seren said...

You have been doing so brilliantly - and I don't believe for one moment that one blip will derail you. As you mentioned in an earlier post, the way you're trying to eat now is completely COUNTER intuitive compared to what we, as dieters are often taught. It's not all going to fall into place straightaway. Your subconscious is going to rebel. But you'll get there, I have complete faith in you.