Saturday, 18 July 2009


Guys!!! (Spot the fact I'm a little bit excited!)

See that tracker over on the left? See what it says? Just over 40lbs gone, and less than 30lbs to go!!! I am literally 1lb off losing 3 stone, and once I'm there then it's less than 2 stone to go, and to me saying oh, I've only got 1 stone something left to lose sounds soooooooo much better :o)

As you may have guessed, I managed to lose again this week. Despite my foody ups and downs and a small sprinkling of chaos thrown in I lost another 1.5lb on my short week from Monday to Saturday. I wanted to have lost 3 stone before I went to Scotland but I'm happy that this is totally close enough!

The next week's going to be a bit different to usual what with being on holiday and away from the computer but I'm going to try and make it an ok one anyway. I've got to start my packing in a sec, and then I'll be gone, gone, gone for about 10 days. Wish me luck! I'm going to miss my daily session of chit-chat and catching up on what you're all up to while I'm gone. Don't let me down - be good little troopers while I'm gone - I want to come back to read all about your fabulous losses and achievements!

Better go start the dreaded packing I guess - I've been putting it off for long enough! lol


Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, wow! Well done you - three stone really does make a difference, eh? And just 29 left to go? Fabulous.

And, Scotland = wet (well it is over here on the east coast, unusually). Hope it brightens up soon for you cos the West is lovely when it is dry. And pack insect repellant - it is a bad year for clegs (scratch, scratch).

starfish264 said...

Oooh - good point - I'll dig out the DEET 100 - that'll repell 'em :o)

Kate said...

Congratulations! You've done really, really well!

skinnyminny8 said...

congrats Have a great holiday!

I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

You're kickin' butt! Great job!

Watching and Weighting said...