Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The post-holiday de-bloat

After last night's dinner debacle (god, I love a bit good alliteration - so satisfying lol), I'm back on the foodie straight and narrow, with no plans to eat out again any time this week. Wait for it, there's sure to be a deluge of dinner invitations now, just because I've said that!

Tonight's entertainment is due to consist of putting washing in the machine, most likely straight from my rucksack as I have done absolutely zero unpacking as yet, and being dragged out the door on a 5k run with Sid. I think this is my penance for last night.

I've not been running regularly the last couple of weeks, and I have a sneaking suspicion that that will make tonight's run alarmingly hard work. Sid maintains that it's a "nice" 5k route - I don't trust him. And to be fair I don't think there is actually such a thing as a "nice" 5k - so I'll just settle for death not being the outcome. I think it might be a close run thing though. (Ok - here's where my twisted imagination runs riot - in my head I've now got an image of me, Sid, and a cartoon style Death in all his very tall, black-robed, boney glory running along together.)

Not so much else I have to say today - I'm kind of feeling bloated and gross from everything I've eaten over the last week at the moment, although I don't know how much of it is psychological vs physical, so can't wait to get a few days proper clean eating and exercising under my belt so I can start to feel normal again.

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Fat[free]Me said...

LOL, you know Death much prefers a motorbike plus the scythe would slow him down when running. Mind you, I do wonder how he got that bony figure and he would look OK in a hoodie tracksuit...