Thursday, 16 July 2009


The problem with eating really big dinners after 9pm in the evening, is that you spend the entire next morning being absolutely ravenous. My stomach is grumbling already, like it hasn't been fed in 6 days, so I'm strictly limiting myself to yoghurt and fruit as mid-morning snacks to fill myself up, and my small hot chocolate with skimmed milk.



Linz M said...

You've just made me realise why I've been chewing my arm off the last few mornings!

I'm on my second litre of water but it's just not working.

Early dinner tonight!

starfish264 said...

It totally stretches your stomach - I was so hungry this morning that I had a double size bowl of cereal to attempt to pacify it. Feeling better now though as hot chocolate and satsumas has filled the gap.

Early dinner for me too tonight ... err apart from going to Combat so can't eat til afterwards. Right then - LIGHT dinner for me tonight! :O)

joianni said...

I'm ravenous today too. Probably because I had a few too many in the pub last night. I only just managed to avoid having a subway footlong and had a less than appetising WW wrap!