Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Into the unknown

Without stepping on the scales in the mornings, I'm feeling a little bit lost this week. I don't know whether I'm up, or down, or exactly where I was on Monday, which is strange for me as I'm used to knowing exactly what weight I am.

I find it hard not to get paranoid that nothing's happening, or worse, that something is happening and it's a gain. I don't know where this paranoia comes from - whether it's still a sense of disbelief that Weight Watchers not only works, but that I'm managing to stick to it, or if it's a lack of confidence in my own continuing abilities to keep going like this - but I wish it would fade and go away.

I'm not going to let my sense of unease put me off though. I've been good so far this week, and although there's a few challenges coming up over the weekend, I see no reason why I can't see this week out successfully.

I'm now going out for dinner on Friday night - think I shall ring the restaurant either tonight or tomorrow and get the menu so I can mull my choices over and do a bit of planning. It's hard to point their food as everything is homecooked, and generally quite luxurious, but on the upside everything's homecooked (lol) from good, fresh ingredients, lots of veg (and tasty veg, not anaemic, floppy things resembling carrots), and if you ask nicely they're willing to be flexible over stuff. I'm also thinking walk to and from the restaurant (20 mins each way) and stay off the booze - there's going to be enough of that over the rest of the weekend!

I'm then heading down to Ascot overnight on Saturday. We're going to the horse races during the day (DANGER!!!! The legendary Ascot burgers ahoy - VERY bad idea - need to steer clear of that!) whoop - can't wait, that's going to be so much fun! And then in the evening we're going straight out for dinner. Luckily, I've been let off the hook a bit here as the restaurant for the evening is Asian cuisine, and we've been asked to pre-order - I've asked for a sizzling prawn dish with ginger and lime, which should be pretty healthy. As long as I stick to a small portion of plain rice, avoid the prawn crackers, and maybe get some thin soup to fill me up, I should be ok.


Okaaaaay - there's my plan. I feel a bit calmer knowing what I'm doing.


Lainey said...

You gotta love a plan.

I've got a wedding this weekend and thus far am plan-less. You've inspired me though!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Trust yourself and let it go. You know how to act right and you know when you're doing the right things.

Some week's it'll be an unpleasant surprise on the scale, but most of the time, I bet you're happy with the results.

Keep at it!

Watching and Weighting said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...Ascot.....where every hour is Pimms o'clock and Pink cava on the train on the way in is entirely acceptable.....*sigh*...have a bloody marvellous time!

Remember to live a little ;)

lookin forward to your updates! xx

Rapunzel said...

I'm going away this weekend to a destination that is known for drinking all day..sigh..I'm going to have to be very careful not to drink away all of my POINTS!

Carlos said...

sucks but what can you do!