Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Whilst I'm on a grumbling kick, I shalt continue for a little longer.

Another thing nobody warns you about when you start losing large amounts of weight ..... that you're bloody feet might shrink too!

There you are, merrily tootling along, thinking well, I might not be able to spend much on clothes that won't last, but at least the shoes are safe!

Are they heck!

I put a pair on last night, and nearly broke my neck when I took a step and nearly left the shoe behind. I looked puzzled for a moment, put my foot back in and had a good wiggle around. Then I took out another pair. Same deal. Took out a pair of boots that have notoriously been too narrow for me - strangely comfortable.

And you're not telling me that my feet shrank last night after 45 mins being hot and sweaty in bike shoes.

Boll. Locks.

I have a rather extensive and very nice (read - expensive) shoe collection - if I have to R.I.P it, there's going to be some serious grumpyness issues.

Just saying like.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Nice shoe collection, huh?

Better go have yourself some fish and chips and a few pints, then.

Wouldn't want to waste perfectly good shoes. ;)

starfish264 said...

But why my feet???? I can think of a dozen more useful places to lose weight from!!!

However (and I'm sorry for saying this my darling shoes) - I'm not THAT desperate to keep them ... if it comes down to them or the fat ... I guess they're both going.

Anonymous said...

hey i am in the reverse situation to you! I have a very lovely (and also v expensive) shoe collection but have gained 3 and a half stone in the last year so now all my shoes are too small :-( i am hoping i can lose the weight and they will fit again, but it really does seem crazy that our feet get fatter/thinner!

Watching and Weighting said...

SERIOUSLY!My feet have shrunk too! this SUCKS!!!!!! I keep walking out of my shoes when crossing roads - it's quite ridiculous! x

Rapunzel said...

As a major shoe collector (ok, call it a fetish if you will), I can understand your dismay! However, I have a couple of pairs that are a tiny bit too tight, am thinking they'll fit perfectly in a few pounds.

In any case, shoe shopping is on your horizon, want some company? ;)

Linz M said...

Don't tell me that! I have over 200 pairs of shoes (yes very obsessed) I'm going to have to start padding them out with loo roll or something :)