Monday, 13 July 2009

When will I learn?

For the second time in 24 hours, I've grossly overeaten and I'm actually feeling physical pain right now.

Last night I did it with soup. I got back in at about 5pm from Bristol, with my sum total of food for the day being 2 sausages in a roll that I'd had off the BBQ for breakfast at about 11am (errr - yes, I realise this sounds weird, but it was our hosts creative thinking for dealing with 16 hungover guests at breakfasts). I was so hungry that rather than cook anything when I got in, I grabbed a biggish bowl of soup out of the saucepan in the fridge, and had it with 2 slices of toast - no butter, and a 30g serving of Doritos. Since I'd already got my little WW's pannacotta out of the freezer to defrost for dessert, I scarfed that down too.

It doesn't sound particularly excessive, but on my empty stomach, it felt like I'd sat and steadily munched through a 5 course dinner. It was just too much. The soup, and maybe the toast, would have been plenty.

But I've just done it again. Since I wasn't feeling so fab today (TOTM has struck again - although on the upside that makes me even prouder of my 1lb loss this morning), I had a skinny muffin from Starbucks mid-morning to perk me up while I waited for the painkillers to do their thang.

Then an hour and a half later, I had lunch - a salmon sandwich, a pack of Walkers Squares, and a WW yogurt. And I kid you not, I feel like someones stuck a knife in under my ribs. It blinking hurts.

Am I delusional? I look at that list, and don't think it sounds particularly unreasonable. But I feel like I've binged for Britain right now. Admittedly, mid-morning muffins aren't the norm for me, although I usually have calorie-controlled snack bar and some fruit throughout the morning.

So has my appetite gone bonkers, or have I completely lost my sense of scale on what I'm eating and thinking is normal? Help!


skinnyminny8 said...

well, when you eat less, your appetite decreases and your stomach shrinks.. then if you haven't eaten for a while it is easier to feel full quickly.

The other thing, are you eating too quickly? When you eat quickly it is much harder to gauge when you are full up.

So try to eat more slowly!
(I know it works, I just need to put it into practice myself!!)

P.s well done on all the healthiness, sounds like you are really doing great and making progress :D

Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write said...

You might have eaten too fast. I agree with the above post. however, sometimes i'll get full for no reason at all. I just appreciate, eat less that day and go on (because I know there will probably be a day coming soon where I could eat the fridge and the kitchen sink and not get full). ;)

Rapunzel said...

A lot of that is the time of the month, I know 'cause my body reacts the same way! My stomach gets all weirded out and can't handle the volume, or even type of, foods I normally eat. I am not sure why it's connected but for me, it is.

Hope today is better for you!