Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The holiday season

I'm trying very hard to avoid a food focused melt-down this week. With holiday's now looming, I'm starting to feel the inclination to just say sod it - write it all off to the holiday - and that's really not what I want to do. Doesn't help that I'm still suffering crazy hormonal sugar cravings, and as we all know, that crap is addictive, so you just keep wanting it once you start.

So far this week, I'm trying to balance the sugar / eat crap urge with fruit, so I'm still in my points. Just about. I'm determined to keep my eating normal right up til I leave. New, healthy, normal that is.

But I'm thinking a change of strategy for next week might be in order. I wasn't going to point at all next week, just live a little and trust myself to make good choices. But Norway proves that I'm not terribly good at that yet, and I really don't want to come back with a humongous gain to deal with. I can't track properly while I'm away, as I'm an online WW's subscriber, and there is zero internet access in ol' Scotlandio, but I'm thinking that I could take a nice little notebook with me and at least food diary for the length of my trip. At least I'll have to be honest about my decisions then.

I need a plan, folks, as that's how I function best.

I'm intending on taking my own cereal and milk with me, so that breakfasts are sorted, as well as a selection of fruit and calorie-controlled snacks, and sugar-free squash. Lunchtimes we tend to forage for ourselves, so I'm sure I can keep that healthy, but dinners are a lost cause as we cook and eat together, so it's majority rule on what we get. On the upside, there's only so many things that you can make for 11 people in a pretty basic kitchen, so most evenings it's something like cottage pie, or pasta and sauce, or chilli - pretty basic home-cooked food. I reckon that if I apply my new portion-control eyes to my main serving, and then dose up on the usually plentiful veg that will help.

Alcohol-wise, it's going to be avoid the wine, and stick to the vodka and slim-line tonic. And much as I love Pimms, I'll need to limit that too.

So I'll take my Sue Survives Scotland provisions box with me. And, I know this sounds stupid, but I think I'm going to print this post out and clip it to the inside of suitcase, so I see it every morning. It might help remind me if I start to slip.

Scales-wise this week isn't going great so far - I've somehow gone back up 2lbs as at this morning, but I won't let it upset me - the scales are going back in the cupboard til Saturday now. I've got too much else to focus on this week. I've got shit-loads of washing, organising and packing to do, and literally zero money as I don't get paid til Monday (shit, fuck, bollocks - why is pay-day always such bad timing????). I've got Bridget coming over tonight for a catch-up, and I'm having lunch with my Dad on Friday. I've got pilates tonight and Body Combat tomorrow. I've got a pile of work you wouldn't believe that I have to deal with in the office, and severe decluttering that I have to do before Friday as they're moving my desk while I'm away. What I don't have is enough hours in the day.


I took these again on Monday - a half-inch here or there off hips, arms and legs since June, but yet again, no movement on my waist. Seriously - when is that going to start to move again! Egg on legs is not a good look! The buddha belly must go!! Anyhoo, I'll put them up here when i get round to it.

I think that's most of my whinging done for today. It's just taken me half an hour to nibble my way through a Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart - there are yet more cakes in the office and it seemed like the least evil option. I'm debating whether I've got the time or money to order myself another hoodie from the internet and have it arrive in time for Scotland. And some luggage too. I hate being broke and disorganised. It sucks. I suck. Meh.


Linz M said...

Repeat after me "I do not suck" and keep saying it! You're doing brilliantly.

The fact that you are even considering how your holiday can affect you is brilliant - I tend to go with the "Sod it, I'm on holiday" approach - which led to me being off track for 6 months and regaining all of the 2.5 stone I lost last year. If only I had exercised a little bit of self control I could be nearly 5 stone down by now. Harumph!

Have a fab holiday and I am sure you'll have very little damage to undo once you get back :)

My Fat To Thin Journey said...

Hey Hun :) Your week sounds as good as mine :) lol. Just keep the focus and remember it is okay to lose it sometimes, the important thing is you keep trying babes. Where about in Scotland are you going?
Caley x
P.s When you post a comment you have to put in the word so it knows your a human, the word/s i have to type in are "doom me", Nice.

starfish264 said...

I think those check-words have a sense of humour sometimes. lol.

I'm heading to a friends summer cottage on the West Coast - just down a peninsular past Lochgilphead and Oban, and looking out over Isla and Dura. We go every year and it's fab - remote and beautiful, with no phones, no tv, no radio, no internet and barely any mobile reception. Just a lot of sheep. :o)

Rapunzel said...

Don't give up and stop that hateful talking to yourself! You are wonderful & lovely and you can do this! You've started to formulate a plan, keep going! We're all here rooting for you. :)