Thursday, 16 July 2009


It's back to underwear talk today I'm afraid. This time we're moving due North of the last pants conversation - ladies - I'm talking bras. Specifically sports bras.

Now lets face it - with a few notable exceptions (Pamela Anderson and the other bootyful, but amazingly gravity defying beach babes of Baywatch) nobody wants to see breasts flying untethered during exercise. It's inexcusable.

For a start, it's a health hazard - flying objects that could result in concussion or eye-removal for either the owner or other unfortunate people in the vicinity. And it's distracting - when you're trying to concentrate on your own moves or technique in body combat or spinning - you don't want someone else's assets to continually be drawing your eye - jumping up and down (literally) and effectively screaming looooooook at me. Haha - you've tripped over now.
(And on a side note - I've said it before and I'll say it again - women of the world - if you're spinning - pleeeeeeeeease do not wear low cut tops - I do not want to see your cleavage wobbling and juddering around, and generally nearly falling out of your top across the spin circle from me for the duration a class - PUT IT AWAY!!!!)

Let's face it - as far as sports are concerned the firmer the containment the happier I am. If the ancient Chinese habit of breast-binding was still around I would probably happily advocate it for the gym!

I last got measured about 3 months ago, and was disgusted to be told that my chest size had gone up from a 38 to a 40. Now in all fairness, I hadn't previously been measured in a very, very long time so given the weight I'd put on over the years this wasn't unreasonable. Since then, I've noticed that lots of my bras are fitting better, and my sports bra isn't offering nearly as much support as it used to. The ladies have been running a little too free for my liking the last couple of weeks - I hadn't really noticed until I started Body Combat 3 weeks ago, but there's nothing like spending an hour each week punching, kicking and jumping around in front of mirror to bring the point home!

So - to maintain a status of non-hypocrisy I tootled along to M & S last night. Since I knew I'd changed size, but not really what to go for I asked the lady if she could measure me quickly. Her verdict? Chest size - about a 42. Cup-size - around an E cup!!!! I looked at her in total disbelief, and I think she caught that as she hastily said that it wasn't always right and what was I wearing as I stood there. A 38d, which quite clearly fitted perfectly. The sports bra that was too big was a 40c.

What, I ask you, is the point of a measuring system that is so wildly inaccurate??? Had I not been so flabbergasted, I'd have let her go and get that size so I could have had a really good giggle about ridiculous it would look.

Anyhoo - I've now got something in the right size, and I took it out for a run last night to try it out. Whilst the bra might have been ok, my legs felt like bloody lead - which I think is the effect of not running at all regularly over the last month. At least I still made it round my c. 20 min loop, but I felt bloody slow doing it.

After this morning's eat-everything-in-sight moment, I think my appetite has just about calmed back down to its normal level. However, I'm still fighting to not over-ride my appetite this afternoon. I'm always like this when I'm even vaguely bored, and there's food in my vicinity - doesn't matter that I can clearly answer the question about whether or not I'm still hungry (no) I still sit there eyeing up what's available. It doesn't help that I'm pissed off and frustrated today. Lots of stuff going on at work, and I put on a brand new skirt this morning that I've been waiting a couple of weeks to wear until it fit properly - did it and the zip promptly spontaneously combusted beyond repair, so I had to physically rip it apart to get the damn thing back off again.

At the moment I just can't wait to get safely to the end of tomorrow and finish for a week.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - women of the world - if you're spinning - pleeeeeeeeease do not read this post!!!


Fat[free]Me said...

Well, I have found so far my band size has decreased considerably and the cup size only a bit.

As for getting a good fit - Debenhams are much better! They really changed my world a couple of years ago and I have drawers full of lots of beautiful bras that no longer fit (obviously, they did then, lol!).

Seriously, get good bras if you don't want to get black eyes, girls!

Watching and Weighting said...

nooooooooooooooooooooo avoid M & S at all costs!!!!!!

Get your butt along to Bravissimo for a proper measurement - I also find house of fraser dead accurate too but the doofuses in m and s, not so much!!!!

also can ir ecommend the shock absorber sports bras from John leiws? Go get fitted there and then buy it for £20 less in TK Maxx!!!!!


starfish264 said...

Tell you what, Jack, you sit where I sat, and I'll find somewhere less distracting to spin where I can focus on what I'm meant to be doing!

Thank you, ladies, for your advice! The only reason it was M & S was that there's one on the retail park near me, and otherwise I'd have to wait til I can get into town which will probably be about 3 months from now! lol

I've definitely been hankering after a Shock Absorber though - thanks for the TK Maxx tip!

Watching and Weighting said...

no problemo! I got one for £9.99 and one for £7.99!! BARGAINTASTIC!!!!! Cannot BELIEVE they're £30 in John lewis - c'est ridicule!!!!