Monday, 6 July 2009

The confessional

Okaaaaay - here we go.

Forgive me, my dear beloved body, for I have sinned mightily against you this weekend. And I'm sorry. I truly am. Especially when you so kindly rewarded me with a loss this morning! I mean seriously - dude, you're too nice to me! I promise to be better to you this week.

So, I wasn't the greatest this weekend. It started out as a very minor transgression on Friday evening, and pretty much got progressively worse as the weekend progressed.

Friday night, I went to dinner and then the cinema with Jo. Dinner was all planned out in advance - job done, and I didn't have dessert as we were just too damn full, but I did have a small portion of pic'n'mix at the cinema. And I don't even know how to point that, so I put it down as 4. And I finished the day about 1 point over.

Saturday, I was incredibly lazy. I slept til 11am and eventually dragged my lazy ass into town to go shopping. I bought a motivational tool for the summer - the dreaded bikini. My currently lardy arse is nowhere near ready to be inflicted on the general populace as yet, and sadly I'm not convinced it will be by the time we head to Croatia at the end of next month, but maybe for Egypt in November ... who knows! I also bought a going out top from Warehouse (Warehouse!! I actually fitted into a fitted top from Warehouse!!! Will wonders never cease??), and some Bio-oil.

I keep hearing about this stuff as it's meant to be amazing at helping old scars and stretch-marks fade, preventing new ones, and also seriously rehydrating skin and maintaining elasticity. Without getting too much into the nitty gritty, I'm very conscious that being an Apple body type, a lot of my excess weight is carried around my stomach. I obviously want to get rid of this as I head to goal, not least because of the health pitfalls of excess fat carried around the internal organs, but I'm also really conscious that I don't want loose skin left behind. So the Bio-oil is to help boost the skins ability to recover as I lose weight - it might not work, but at least I'll have beautifully moisturised skin!

Anyway, I digress - back to the confessional. On Saturday night, I got domestic. It was red pepper and parsnip soup this time. Messily executed and nearly messed up several times, but a really delicious result. Then after a bowl of that, I had my dinner - scampi and sweet potato wedges. Then I went to watch a film next door with the boys. And then, at midnight, I joined them for dessert. Treacle tart and double cream. I shared one of thos little individual tarts with Sid. And I didn't have enough points. So probably about 3-4 points over for the day. Stupid.

Which brings me to yesterday. Oh dear. Yesterday I went to Wembley with Jo to see Take That. As it's a 3 hour drive in each direction, this entailed much eating out. First there was a pub lunch - roast beef. Not a massive plate, and all freshly cooked and not too greasy at all, but roast potatos and Yorkishire puddings don't taste that good without at least a little oil involved. Then we stopped at the service station just outside London, and had cake (or Sunday lunch dessert as we like to call it) from Starbucks. Then there was the concert, and much avoidance of fast food (yay), until we left, traipsed about half an hour back to the car, got ourselves out of London, and realised we were starving, so stopped at the same services on the way back and succumbed to McDonalds. It could have been worse - I deliberately just had the burger and no chips. It could also have been infinitely better.

Here's the alternative menu I could have had - I thought about this last night, and thought damn my feeble choices. Salmon insteead of roast beef for lunch. Which wouldn't have had Yorkshire pudding, and probably no roast potatoes either. Probably about 8 points instead of about 12. A skinny muffin instead of carrot cake - 5 points instead of 9. And if I had to have McDonalds - chicken nuggets instead of a Chicken Legend - 4.5 points instead of 9. Instant saving of about 12 points. Foolish, foolish child. Learn from this!!!

So what positive points from this week? Here's the highlights:

  • I tried two new classes and enjoyed them both, and I'm looking forward, like properly looking forward, to doing them again this week.
  • I managed to pack the scales away for a few days. Being honest - by yesterday morning I was so paranoid because of my bad eating that I got them out to check, and they'd actually gone down. So I think I should trust my body a bit more, and the scales a bit less, and I'm going to try and keep them put away a bit more this week.
  • I'm out of my 10 day rut - I lost 1.5lbs this week - I'm happy with that.
  • I tried a new recipe for a healthy soup, and it was really, really nice. Next time I might even make less mess making it!

I'm back eating sensibly again today. I woke up this morning, absolutely raging starving, which is something I hate about the day after eating really shittily. That's subsided now though, and in fact I'm still feeling super, super full from my lunch. It might have been healthy, but I think there was just tooooooo much of it, and I felt really uncomfortable for about an hour afterwards. Still, it should keep me going happily til after spin tonight. I've swapped classes again, so this will probably be a super-quick class tonight full of races, sprints and penalities for the losers - eeeeeeek!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I suspect the scale love is from your previous week of good behavior. Don't be surprised if your weekend shennanigans don't catch up to you on the scale eventually.

Get back to working it like you know you can. I'm looking forward to that post with the pic of you in the bikini.

Losing Waist! said...

I have the same kind of thing with food. The last week of June the husband and I went on a little day trip and ended up eating things that I have not eaten in almost a year (or more because they were just that dirty). The next day at the gym I thought I was going to pass out. My body had no energy and I swear my blood was running sluggish.

I have an extreme apple shape, and I carry a large proportion of my weight in my torso. I got stretch marks on top of stretch marks... and some more on top of that. It looks like I am going to have one of those skin issues there when I finish also. I don't think that there is much you can do about the lose skin (besides have low body fat so it is not fatty lose skin, but just lose skin)- I have heard that STRIVECTIN works for stretch marks that are not too old. I have not tried it because the cost is not worth it until I get down some more. Just another FYI.

It seems like you are resolved to just get back into your program. In the end, three days is not that big of a deal. I know that I did not end up this way just because of three days...


starfish264 said...

Too, too true Jack - the only thing I can hope for with the weekend, is that sometimes my indiscretions actually boost my metabolism (as long as I get straight back to it) rather than hinder it, so I might get lucky as long as I keep my head. If not, it's not like I won't deserve it!

As for the bikini - if I make it to the stage where I'm confident enough to parade round on a beach in one, you bet your sweet ass I'll be proud enough to post a photo lol - don't say I didn't warn you!

As for stretch marks - y'know - my friend's a size 6, and doesn't know what a lb of extra fat looks like - never has, and probably never will, and SHE has them. I'm resigned to them being a fact of life. Loose skin - not great, but I'm happy to work for the result in the gym, if I can get it.

Linz M said...

I bet you burned a few calories at the Take That concert though :)

Amazing or what??

Congrats on the 1.5lbs off - I am really hoping that a few minor indiscretions for me might also give me a little boost in the weight loss department. Clutching at straws maybe??!

Rapunzel said...

I had a similar's to getting back on track this week.